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Sticking colliders
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October 27, 2005, 12:46 am
An idea just popped into my head. In my opinion its not that bad. :D. I eralize that it would be difficult to code, but it would be well worth it and add alot of strategy to the game.

My idea

This sort of goes along with destroyable land(i'm not getting into that, theres alerady a topic on it right now). I think that in the mapmaker, when you crate a collider, it should stick to whatever piece of scenery that you put it on. This way, when land gets destroyed, the collider stays with the scenery. I realize this wouldnt do anything, but if the sceneries were able to move, rather than sticking into one place on the map, they would be able to tumble around freely. Actually, this is alot of ideas in one..>__<. I guess that any part of the scenery that isnt lime green, would be able to collide with soldats'. this way, you could push stuff around.

Well, i just realized this idea is way too complex, and will never be implemented. Maybe you can make it better though so it isn't so extremely uber far-fetched..>__<