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So where are we taking you from here..?
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October 27, 2005, 3:34 pm

Alright, so we got a server with a custom balance loosely based on the current 1.3 balance, and more servers on the way.

We also got this spanking new section of the forum for people to make coherent and unbiased suggestions under 'strict' moderation.

So now what?

Well, come this weekend we'll be browsing through this forum and seeing what the majority of people have suggested. Based on that, we'll make a new weapons.ini file and upload it to our balance-testing servers, then you guys can go check it out and see what complete f-ups you've made. Or, maybe you'll like it! Who knows?

We'll be doing this every weekend until either Michal gets impatient, or we reach a record number of no one complaining. Either way, get in your opinions for the weekend. The only changes we'll make are those that are 'unamimous', ie: if alot of people say the same thing. So start agreeing on things.

On a final note: passworded servers are never typically 'occupied'. Even the grand old U13 private server - which has been around 2 years now I think - requires me asking a few others to join me to have some fun there. if you want activity on our private testing server, ask people to join you! Others soon follow when it's noticed in the lobby. Always worked for me.

October 27, 2005, 6:15 pm
Itd be nice if I could actually participate but all posts I made last night were deleted for no reason. Nothing was bashed or flamed on but im not postin all that over. Chakra weve talked in pub servs (u13 i think) about weapon balance on a few weapons like ruger and barret so hopefully the ruger gets a tuned up a tad while the barret down.

Approved your post, but don't expect anything else from Santa this year. I think I'll be feeling guilty in the morning. - Demonic

Deleted User
October 31, 2005, 7:15 pm
My Minimi topic was deleted for no reason as well, i smell conspiracy! :P

Either there is a reasonable explanation for that or one of the moderators does not want people to talk about the Minimi so that it stays as it is in the beta servers and then the ruger takes over the world...or something like that..*cough*..*runs*

Just kidding, but its still a bit weird.