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Week 1
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October 31, 2005, 2:52 am

Alright boys and girls, you've all made a kentucky bucket load of suggestions.

'I', Chakra, with my perspective on your gathered suggestions, have made the appropriate changes to the two servers we're hosting, one in America and one in the UK! Check this thread, yo.


The changes made were simply my perspective of what you said. I won't tell you what they are, because quite simply people look too much towards statistics instead of actual gameplay. So go try it out!

Things you should know about the changes however, is that none of it is permenent or definite without your mass approval. Alot of the suggestions made were combined and thrown together, so some weapons may seem obviously 'too nerfed', but the multiple changes were in order of you getting a grip of what each change did individually. Things like delays were introduced, bink, and so on.

If you don't approve of them, thats fine. Thats what we want to hear: your opinion. 'I' made the changes with my perspective of what people were suggesting, so to avoid any bias on my part, someone else will do it next time, and someone else after that.

Please remember however that the only opinions we want to hear are those based around the test-balance. Remove certain features back to 1.3 standard? thats fine, just say it. Want to increase, decrease or change anything based around it? let us know!

One final thing. The UK server currently has no password but that may change depending on the public 'flooding' situation. Either way, on a passworded server, don't expect people to just 'be there' when you join. The only way to get people to play with you on a passworded server, is to 'ask' them. Try IRC, forums, friends on msn, whatever.

November 1, 2005, 2:01 am
My thoughts excuse the gramatical errors.

HK mp5 should be at 1.3 power settings as for the AK with a tad more power for the Steyr. Minimi will be the trickyer auto, I ask everyone to go try this weapon out now and fire it normally (holding down your fire button) then id like you to click fire this weapon as fast as you can.You can clearly see that Minimi shoots noticeably faster. I suggest makeing the minimi shoot faster but be one of the only weapons to get a cutback in power.

The Spas should stay the same as it is in 1.3. With the current test setup it feels to kick you back more it should have very little kick back if any (none would get my vote). If people wanna complain about it not having any kick back the Ruger (from 1st hand expierence) and deffinatly the Barret (obviously) kick back more then a shotgun.

The Ruger should be a 2 hit kill, take away from other areas not its power you want good shooters to be able to use this weapon not people who just wanna spray faster ruger shots. The same minimal power boost to the Deagles with cutbacks in other areas would balance it out with the ruger.

Minigun- It is a primary but the gun is really pretty useless in most cases, I suggest making it more then just a bink/spray machine. I dont really have any ideas atm on how to do it.

Barret- This thing needs to be reduced in power. Wol-shiver in a previous post seemed to take a real life approach to it and talk about its real world power etc all I can say if having to give a real life reason is no matter how powerful this gun is in real life it wouldnt kill you nailin your foot or even leg without the normal medical attention given. Yeah you might lose a limb but your not dead. Suggestions, less power, or make it unshootable in mid air, or make it slow you down (this isnt no light weight weapon).

Keep all secondarys the same as in 1.3 aside from the Law take away its .3 second or w/e delay or reduce it even more.