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Dali Dream Guns weapon mod!
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November 9, 2005, 2:40 am
Dali Dream Guns weapon mod!
"No place to Hide! No time to blink!"

Hi all!

This week I've been testing this mod I made. Several ppl joined in game and helped alot (bots help but not much), thx all :).

It begun (internet tests) at ver. 10.
It is now ver. 20, I think it is tested enough (fun enough) so who wants can create your own server to run with bots or internet as u wish :).

Suggested server name: "DDG:DontCry,Fight!"
Just put: "DDG:something..." shall appear as: "(WM)DDG:something..." in the list.
You may also set with revision version: "DDG20:abc" or "DDGv20:abc" etc.

M79 fires Cluster Grenades:
Don't aim directly, you must aim to a floor/ceiling/wall so it split into normal grenades.
Works great if someone is flying/jumping near floor, just shoot below them.

Running as server, to load just type:
/loadwep wmddg20
without 't' key. Just type '/'...
Or to set it as default, bkp weapons.ini and overwrite it.

Have Fun!

Only Death Match tested for now.
Barret BulletStyle should be m79 grenade but it do not works with speed 550 to very close range.
In this version: Rambo Bow, Flamed Arrows and Flamer sections weren't tested.
Team Modes not tested either, I would like to read reports on these.

Come back to this 1st entry on the thread later on to download new revisions :).

Compatibility Soldat version / Download weapons mod:
1.3 / DDG v20

December 4, 2005, 2:22 am
looks cool good job !