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November 13, 2005, 5:00 am
I have window XP with multiple users, and ran reginjecter on the wrong user name, when on the other username, it says i am not regged. can i run the program again? just ot let you know, i am regged on a non-admin account, and not regged on an admin account.

Deleted User
November 13, 2005, 5:53 pm
Reginjecter? What?..

Just double-click the reg key MM sent you, and you're good to go.

November 14, 2005, 8:04 pm
quote:...ran reginjecter...
what i mean to say is, that i used the registry program on one account, and am not sure if it would screw up soldat if i registered it on another account, because i have heard that if u run it twice, it will mess up your registration, but i am not "registered" according to soldat on every other account but the one i ran it on, so i am asking, is it safe to run the register program on another account on my computer.

Deleted User
November 15, 2005, 7:41 am
Yeah, just not on two computers.