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See Thru Gosteks!
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That One Guy
November 21, 2005, 7:19 pm
~~~See Thru Gostek Mod~~~
Well, here's a small mod for you...
I haven't worked on it very long, but who cares? I think it looks pretty cool.

Anyway, basically, Alpha team is the see thru guys. Bravo team is the solid guys. They look like the alpha guys, but they actually have bodies.....

And as for screens...

And the DL:
(Sorry, I can't remember hot to make that url shorter. >_<)

Gimme some feedback, please. Thanks!

-That One Guy-

November 21, 2005, 8:04 pm
looks pretty nice, now, are both of those gosteks colors set as white, or are they somehow always white? you should make see thru flag. :D i made a wireframe type gostek i will release with my mod.

That One Guy
November 21, 2005, 8:10 pm
I had their colors set to white. Just to give a general idea of what they look like. The head and hands change color, according to skin color ( white, dark, black ) And of course, you can change the body and pants color. And I forgot to mention, I modded the hair files. The Mr. T is funny, IMO. Anyway, check it out. If you like it, I may release a weapons mod to go along with the gostek. You never know...

-That One Guy

Deleted User
November 21, 2005, 8:54 pm
Lol , pretty funneh , I like it. ^^

That One Guy
November 21, 2005, 9:00 pm
Thanks! I may start just doing gostek mods on request, depending on what it is. PM me if you have any good ideas. I'm still somewhat new to modding the graphics, so I can't do everything super-detailed, but as you can see, my see thru's are kinda cartoony. Has anyone downloaded it yet? Did you like the orange ranny? I got that from that old blood pack someone put out. I found it on m00net. ^^

-That One Guy

I find it funny when you go into SSCC (Soldat Skin Color Changer) and set all your colors to the same. (I like being all orange it's trippy.)
(I like parenthesis)

Deleted User
November 21, 2005, 9:21 pm
You might want to shade a bit more on the bravo gostek. It's not bad. Better than my first gostek.

That One Guy
November 21, 2005, 9:25 pm
I like my Bravo gostek, because the bright colors are great for people who can't tell what team's which. I actually play better when using these gosteks. Surprising, ain't it?

-That One Guy

(thanks for the feedback anyway, azn.)

November 23, 2005, 1:39 am
The gosteks look like if the little solider got shocked by a lighting xD


That One Guy
November 23, 2005, 6:43 pm
Kewl. Looks like I have a good idea here, everyone seems to like it. Thanks everyone. I guess, in the future, if you're looking for a quirky gostek that you wouldn't expect to be in soldat, I'm your guy.

-That One Guy

November 23, 2005, 10:31 pm
Omg, you should make a See-Thru mod or a Wireframe mod where everything is just outlines :D

November 25, 2005, 12:21 am
What color do the see-through guys turn when you shoot them?

That One Guy
November 25, 2005, 5:53 pm
Well, when you shoot em, they have an orange ranny. If you want to change it, go ahead. I didn't feel like making a special ranny. I thought the gostek was cool enough. So... Yeah...

-That One (Lazy) Guy

November 25, 2005, 9:10 pm
quote:Originally posted by DairyLol , pretty funneh , I like it. ^^

That One Guy
November 25, 2005, 9:36 pm
@Hoodlum: Thanks.

@Everyone else: Thanks for posting your ideas/compliments. I really appreciate it.

-That One Guy

November 26, 2005, 2:04 am

*dls like a pr0n addict*

See-thru mod plz.

You could replace the textures with half-invisible textures.

EDIT: I can't DL it. The file is saved as "That".

EDIT 2: After trying to open it with IE, fighting with the various pop-up blockers that have installed themselves on IE, trying to see which one is still on, and swearing at my computer, what type of file is it? .zip? .rar? .7z?

EDIT 3: Okay, I got it working. I dled the file itself, added .rar to the end and extracted it to a mod folder using 7-Zip. I don't like doing that. No spaces in file names next time please.

That One Guy
November 26, 2005, 7:38 pm
So sorry. I'll take that as a notice. Next time, no spaces in the name. Because people like you can come to my house and KILL ME for not doing so. But either way, glad you like it.

-That One (Scared) Guy

Oh, by the way. Check my sig for some good news, those of you who have dl'ed my gostek. PM me if you're interested in helping.

November 26, 2005, 8:02 pm
Nice. I like everything related to gosteks :P.

That One Guy
November 26, 2005, 8:05 pm
Thanks. And if you like gosteks, I'll be making more. Sometime.

-That One Guy

November 26, 2005, 8:12 pm
Sweet! Cant wait. =]

That One Guy
November 26, 2005, 8:50 pm
Good to hear. If anyone wants to help me with any gosteks or my upcoming See-Thru Mod, just say so, or PM me. I'll be working on anything when I'm not playing Soldat or Maplestory. See ya!

-That One Guy

November 26, 2005, 9:04 pm
Not really see through as theres no transparancy, however "Outline" would be a more fitting term.

November 26, 2005, 10:45 pm
gostek request u say? HURRAAH!


EDIT: for more pics, type ''sazabi'' into googles image search
i will worship u if u make it!!!1

That One Guy
November 26, 2005, 10:48 pm
ZOMG. That... May be possible. Wait, I know! Go download the Mecha Soldat Mod. You'll get your Gundam fetish there.

-That One Guy

November 26, 2005, 11:02 pm
no! not again! why every1 say ''go to ivans mod''

i want just that gosteks what i showed u!

November 27, 2005, 12:39 am
FMBM's alien gostek from Metal Slug Mod = the best

That One Guy
November 28, 2005, 9:38 pm
@numgun: Well, I may need some help, but I might be able to make it.

@vash: OK, shut up, go away. We're not talking about FMBM, we're talking about MY gostek. Yes, although his gostek is good, it's old. That's why people are always making new stuff. They want people to judge THEIR work and give advice/compliments. So sorry to get off topic, just had to get him on topic here.

November 29, 2005, 11:17 am
quote:Originally posted by That One Guy@numgun: Well, I may need some help, but I might be able to make it.

u need help? but im the one whos asking for it! :S

November 30, 2005, 9:24 pm
I love these see thru gosteks, making a great beta team vs my skeletons. Keep up the good work!

That One Guy
December 3, 2005, 3:46 pm
@numgun (Again): Well, I know you was the one asking for it, for now, I can only do so much. I have an idea for a little dude now, let me go make a concept art for you guys.

@edak: Thanks! Glad you are in love with my sexay gosteks. lol.

EDIT: OK, done with the concept, so, here he is.


Sorry if that's too big, but look at numgun's gundam robot dude... I guess that this pic is ok. Nevermind me, I'm tired. I just woke up.

Revenge of the Edit: Does anyone like that guy that I've decided to work on? You guys think you'll use it? I'm trying to stay with neutral stuff that goes with anything...

December 3, 2005, 4:02 pm
Funneh. XD.

That One Guy
December 3, 2005, 4:04 pm
@Mi6o: Which one? The gostek or the concept?

December 3, 2005, 4:14 pm
Both.Nah just kidding teh pic above me Head. :P

That One Guy
December 3, 2005, 4:16 pm
@Mi6o: M'kay. It'll look better than that, that was like a 20 second drawing. I'll have shading and everything on the dude when he's done. Anyone got an idea of a name for him? I'll give you credit for naming him... In the... Thing...

December 3, 2005, 4:32 pm
I know! - Styx Revenge. (that sucked XD.)

Or maybe just Styx or Stix or what ever.

By The Way wont it make a cool stickman gostek?

That One Guy
December 3, 2005, 4:34 pm
@Mi6o: Kewl idea. His name shall be.... Stix.
@Mi6o's Edit2: Sure. But the only thing about him that is stickman-ish is his arms.

December 3, 2005, 4:38 pm
Im starting to like ya One Guy. :P.Lets work as a team.

That One Guy
December 3, 2005, 4:42 pm
@Mi6o: In what way? XD jk. OK, you have MSN? Or AIM? If you have both, add me on MSN. I like it better, personally.

December 3, 2005, 4:49 pm
Wait.I'll PM you so we dont fill up the topic.

Damn.Cant PM you. Look do you have Skype?
If not heres a link.

Add me im s3rial_kill3r5006 .If you have problems just say here.

December 3, 2005, 5:31 pm
I'd like to help you out. The idea of the see-thru gostek was awesome, and it's a nice gostek.
I *might* make some beta see-thru textures for ya, borrow some crap from SK.
I'm going to add you on MSN. I'm the guy who will pwn for Freespace 2.

That One Guy
December 3, 2005, 5:49 pm
@Mi6o: Added you. Now, anyone else got any comments/suggestions/anything?

@xisthereb: Well, awesome. I've told Mi6o, and I'll say this now, I have many ideas, and i'm looking to put them somewhere.