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Flame God Mode
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November 25, 2005, 5:08 am
I live to get this power-up. Earlier I was playing an infiltration game, and the level came to inf_invasion. I picked up a flame god mode powerup, killed one person while invincible, then proceeded to run around the hill killing people over and over; I must have kentucky fried at least 10 enemies before being taken down.

Anyone else have a lot of fun with the flamethrower?

November 25, 2005, 5:41 am
I'm not that good with it.....I always get killed when I get it xD

November 25, 2005, 6:57 am
yeah! :P I suck with it as well! Predator mode is my favor by far! So awesome to be almost invisible!

Deleted User
November 25, 2005, 8:27 am
Flame God vs soldat with flamer is cool. Flames going everywhere, both burning to a crisp. Flame god wins every time.

November 26, 2005, 3:03 am
I normally find it's better on levels like inf_fortress and inf_invasion where the flames ricochet and it's harder to be hit directly, or when you're coming around corners. People also seem to freak out when a guy with a flamethrower is roasting them and their accuracy decreases. :P

Outpost is good when a bullet proof vest spawns before a flame god mode powerup after the gun turret, and you run in there behind 2 or so other soldats as support.

November 30, 2005, 2:28 am
I love getting predator mode and jsut standing in front of the flag with the saw and wathcing people go OMG! WTF!!! ZE HAXX0RS... lol

Deleted User
December 1, 2005, 9:15 pm
Pitty the flamers so obvious in predator.

December 3, 2005, 3:01 am
I love it when i catch on fire and get to chase after the flame god guy to set him on fire.

Norris Scott
December 6, 2005, 4:51 am
quote:Originally posted by DezonusPitty the flamers so obvious in predator.

Pity my ass, there's nothing more I love seeing then flames randomly bursting out of the air and roasting a random soldat before my eyes.

Even if it is my teamate... I still get a kick out of watching it happen.

December 6, 2005, 11:23 am
Flame god especially pwns on Neaubaten_night, you've just got to stand behind a wall and flame away.

December 6, 2005, 7:43 pm

December 9, 2005, 12:48 am
I love flamethrower, and I think it's better in 1.3 coz u can watch ya enemies slowly get fried! It's a lot more fun than any guns!

December 11, 2005, 1:35 pm
I usually use it to hit and run. Burn the guy for like 1 second then leap backwards when he's burning to death. And then add some good deagle spray to take him down.

December 14, 2005, 2:50 pm
Flame throwers rock! I love these guns. When the FG mode ends though I switch weapons. That way if someone punches the gun out of my hands I CAN BURNINATE THEM!

December 14, 2005, 8:54 pm
I like Flame God but I hate people who just randomly spray it not realizing teammates can be caught on fire.

I've lost the flag because of an idiot teammate doing that. >:

Deleted User
December 16, 2005, 6:10 am
When the hit registration problem was (seemingly) at its worst, I avoided flame god like it was the plague because I could sit there for literally the entire duration of the powerup, relentlessly firing on someone, and only deal about %50 damage. It's decent now though, although it sucks when you catch yourself on fire.

Pred is more fun for me, especially since I'm smart enough to keep still if I can. It's a great feeling you get when you stand in the middle of the bottom of Arena and casually shoot clueless targets dead... Just as great as the feeling you get when you pick off a pred who's flying/running around and thinking you can't see them.

December 16, 2005, 9:14 pm
The flamegod mode is really cool, but I barely kill people with it u_u... xD

December 24, 2005, 4:58 am
i hate the flamer wen the god mode is over wen i use it it just burns me to death.