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The noob blast
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December 5, 2005, 5:55 pm
I know you have seen this. It happens at least once a match but it really makes me angry. Some fool with a m79 is walking a long (not jumping because he is a noob). Then you come on screen at a very fast speed. Having caught this guy off guard, he doesn?t notice you untill you are right on in front of him. He pulls the trigger at point blank range. You go off in a million pieces and hes get blown back a few inches. Not even realizing the poor basterd lost 1/4 of his life he walks off again (still not jumping).

Solution... make the m79 incredibly powerful. Usually when I get hit by the m79 I'm dead anyway so it wont matter to the victim. Keep the same blast radius just make sure he will think twice about what he chooses to blow up. (do the same with law)

December 5, 2005, 6:11 pm
If it's too powerful, then it will insta-kill anyone in the blast radius, which is large enough to be too powerful if that happened. It would kill everyone within an inch of it or so.

The Geologist
December 5, 2005, 7:28 pm
The power of the m79 is the last thing that needs to be changed. Maybe you shouldn't rush head on against people if you have that sort of problem.

December 5, 2005, 7:33 pm
Why don't you just nade that sum[CENSORED] and get on with your life, jeesh, you haven't even considered the consequenses of making the m79 increadibly powerful.

December 5, 2005, 8:49 pm
excactly!.. the m79, of all weapons, is perfect the way it is!..
And by the way, how can you even let this annoy you? i mean, if he is such a nexb, i don't see how you could possibly get hit!
Considering him not jumping or nothing, you should find it easy to atleast take advantage of an airstrike instead of just storming right on!..
Geez, i'm starting ti think whos the newb?

Keron Cyst
December 5, 2005, 11:49 pm
The LAW freakin' is the same. I die almost every time I shoot when some retard on my team gets right in front of me...

Deleted User
December 5, 2005, 11:52 pm
Yep. Happens alot. But hey pull out a socom and kill him. Muahaha.,

December 7, 2005, 12:24 am
1) you cant nade at close range, so that is out
2) this normally happens with crappy maps with no boost like B2B. So everyone is required to take the same path.
I usually don't waist my knife on an easy kill I just want to go past him without exchanging bullets.

December 7, 2005, 12:47 am
Um? Jump over him? Backflip? Hell, maybe NOTICE him when you are running and shoot him? It's not a big enough problem to be fixed in any way.

December 7, 2005, 8:06 am
that's what i've been saying ppl!!
If you get youself blown up, it's your own fault!..

December 7, 2005, 8:06 am

December 7, 2005, 11:59 am
quote:Originally posted by bja8881) you cant nade at close range, so that is out

That's strange, because I do it all the time, just tap the nade key when you're flying towards him, sure, you'll lose some health, but the fukker dies and you don't.

December 7, 2005, 11:44 pm
Wow, you blame the WEAPON you get killed by when you basically killed yourself? It's like walking trying to capture the flag on Kampf, with a big "NADE ME!" sign on your head.