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December 8, 2005, 4:44 pm
I was just wondering if any changes are being made to it, and if anyone has even bothered testing it (it seems like almost no one uses it)

I think as it is, it's fairly balanced although I seem to have trouble against ruger users, and steyr users (their push back sorta screws me over with added with spas kickback). What I would really like to see is the speed of the bullets increase by just a wee tad bit, so firing upwards isn't as hard as it normally is. Ofcourse people who play with me know im a noob so feel free to desregard this.

One little unbalanced thing i see with the spas is boosting when you have the flag, not only do you speed up but if you hit people who are chasing after you, they slow down signicantly.

December 9, 2005, 1:53 pm
In my opinion the Spas doesn't need to be buffed. For sure it isn't helpful against for example Ruger-users on B2b, but there are many situations in which it is very helpful. E.g. I've noticed that it's damn helpful against any kind of enemies in the tunnel on Laos :) So increasing the speed and therefore the range isn't necessary if you ask me.
But I definitely agree about it's "kickback"-effect. It's usually one of the major advantages of the Spas. It's a weapon used for close ranges, but you can also keep enemies with weapons like M79 away from you with it. I also like that you have to think a little when using it. When rushing forward to the enemy base it's not smart using it offensivly, since you'll slow down yourself. So you got to think of using it in a different way, or using Socom when attacking. So that's definitely a strong point that has to stay in the game. But if you carry the flag it's really not fair anymore, for the reasons you gave. Though, I honestly don't know a solution for this problem. Seeing how rarely Spas is used it's not a major problem in clanwars, but this doesn't change the problem.
So, people, if you got any ideas, don't bother posting them here!