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Major concerns about the new version
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December 11, 2005, 3:44 pm
But WHATEVER you do, DO NOT leave it the way it is right now.

Fix possibility 1:
Change the knife back to how it was in 1.3 or 1.2.1, easily done, 80% of people will be happy (the other 20% are the newbies that don't know how to dodge a knife and just stand there while it flies at them, probably the newbies that were the beta testers)

Fix possibility 2:
If you REALLY desperately want to screw the knife up, at least do it so it's usable (because right now it's only good for scratching your enemy with, might aswell change it to a sword). Shorten the delay time before the knife throws, it's suppost to be a fast weapon to use, imagine your getting shot at and your own bullets run out all you have is your knife, in 1.3.1 by the time you throw it the enemy, they will do a little dance, jump up and down in joy, take their time to aim at your head (all while the knife is still "powering up") and then when you finally let the knife fly they will easily move a centermetre to the side, yawn and then shoot you in the head.

So, shorten the throw time (BY A LOT), please note that this is not a whinge, I can live with the knife being the way it is, I'll just use LAW or soccom even the chainsaw is good now (you can slice people without even touching them, how cool is that! =D ) but it has really degraded the game, the knife is an important weapon, and I hope you can see that.

On top of shortening the delay, also make it launch much faster when it is released, because as I said, at the moment it falls at about the same speed as a feather, you can dance around under it before moving away to safety.

As for the barret delay, it's unnecessary and I've never seen a delay on a real life sniper gun before, it suppost to shoot straight away for obvious reasons. That said, I can live with it.

If you've fallen asleep then too bad, because I'm not finished yet!

Autos, slightly (very slightly) overpowered now, a minor change won't hurt, but I guess you can leave it the way it is.

Oh and please, shorten the reload time on the LAW, by at least a little bit, it's bad enough that it has a delay.

I'll say good things about the new version aswell:
It's great to see the desert eagles back in action, I think the changes to them are perfect. The nades work a lot better now too, and no "after explosion death" lag problems. M79 is my favourite weapon so if its now overpowered and impossible to dodge I don't really care, I love it =P

You can ignore most of that, but please, do something about the knife, and sack your beta testers because they're <edit> very nice people!...er...yes, very nice....umm...yeh...please don't hurt me?</edit>.


December 11, 2005, 3:54 pm
i'd say, why would anyone want to throw a knife weakly? for the grenade it's totally understood since its damage isn't speed-related! But there's no realistic reason to not being able to throw a knife with full power almost immediately!

autos are overrated.

December 11, 2005, 3:55 pm
Oh shut up. Just because your favourite weapon was balanced well doesn't mean that soldat is wrecked.

Haven't you seen the other 100 n00bs with the same stupid opinion that have already been told off?

quote:and sack your beta testers because they're worthless.

Really. [CENSORED] off. They did a great job. This is the most balanced soldat has been. The only real issues are shots not registering, which has nothing to do with the weapon balance.

December 11, 2005, 3:58 pm
and PS

quote: imagine your getting shot at and your own bullets run out all you have is your knife, in 1.3.1 by the time you throw it the enemy, they will do a little dance, jump up and down in joy,

Maybe you're the newbie that can't dodge bullets? Ever thought of that?

December 11, 2005, 4:09 pm
Your entitled to your opinion.

Anyway it's really the knife i'm most concerned about, everything else is very well done (but I'm a perfectionist so I posted about them anyway =P )


PS: maybe I was slightly harsh on the beta testers....I guess I wanted someone to blame for the knife. Sorry.

PSS: Read all of my post before getting angry, and read it well, save your anger for when I kick your a** in soldat ;P

December 11, 2005, 5:02 pm
zxystand, didn't you leave?

Stop whining about how you can't use the overpowered barret and knife anymore. Now that it actually takes an amount of skill, you are whining like no tomorrow. Practice.

"It's great to see the desert eagles back in action, I think the changes to them are perfect"......... They were unchanged. How bout you actually go play the game more than 5 minutes before coming here to whine like a [CENSORED].

December 11, 2005, 5:05 pm
The knife was overpowered and overused and you know it.

I personally love the new knife, and I love using it.

Learn how to be good at soldat instead of winning by default.

December 11, 2005, 5:08 pm
says the man who was [CENSORED]ing about the new ruger for over 30 minutes

Keron Cyst
December 11, 2005, 5:09 pm
@Marbire: I told you he wouldn't be able to resist coming back :-D

I really don't care about StartupTime for the sniper, as it should be realistic to fire straight-away anyways. If that is removed, then keep the extra Bink and MovementAcc, and implement for the scope the narrowed field-of-vision suggested earlier in that one other topic.

Excuse me, but are you in "knife-throwing position" all the time in real life? Or do you just, like, throw it underhand, or toss it like a dart? You should have to pull the arm back like that for maximum throwing distance. It's fine as it is.

That One Guy
December 11, 2005, 5:16 pm
I wholeheartedly agree with Keron. No one in real life is able to throw a knife on the spot, you sorta have to wind back, and let 'er fly. I personally LOVE the changes to Soldat. 1.3.1, it's probably the best version to date.

-That One Guy

Deleted User
December 11, 2005, 5:23 pm
quote:Originally posted by SeanCapsAsssays the man who was [CENSORED]ing about the new ruger for over 30 minutes

He was pretty pissed. He stormed out of that first game we played. heh heh. But, I guess he's gotten over it. :p

Deleted User
December 12, 2005, 4:01 am
the only thing i dont like about the knife is the times it takes to get thrown after you release the button

December 12, 2005, 1:36 pm
The knife now requires more skill then it ever did. If you know how to use it you can do beautifull things with it. Now socom has longer range and _socom_starts_to_be_overused_ by "pr0" who say that : "New knife sux" and on cw u get sprayed by 3x Socom. That is really annoying.

PS. If you are that kind of a man mentioned higher, then look for me at irc (Qnet @ #roa.soldat | {RoA}Wayne`) and challenge me for a 1vs1. Ill be happy to show you how to use the new knife in beautiful ways.