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well since youre asking for it >:P
Soldat Forums - Soldat Talk - 1.3.1 related complaints and/or whining -NO BUGS-
Deleted User
December 13, 2005, 2:05 am
well since this new subforum almost invites you to start complaining/offering opinions, heres my 2cts on the new version, wether you wanna hear them or not :P

in 1.2.1 my mainweapon was the ruger, and secondary the law. I had quite a bit of training and therefore had gotten pretty good *cough* (i believe i was better then than i am today, but thats of no consequence).

the changes in 1.3 didnt bother me all that much, probably because one of the changes for ruger was forgotten ;) - still used ruger as main, with a few problems compared to before, but still successful.
but the law .. well, i didnt bother to learn how to cope with the new law/delay, so i changed to knife. at the time i didnt know that the knife was now shunned by many for being oh-so-easy-to-use-and-n00bish :> and i got pretty good with knife too. today I probably make about 30% of my kills with the knife, so there.

1.3.1 well, ive played for 2-3 hrs now (which i know is not nearly enough to make a 100% correct evaluation, but i think i can say a few things already)

first of all, the knife is a lot harder to use, which is most likely a good thing, at least for my victims ;)
It takes a lot more concentration to actually hit someone with this slow thing, and the range is more limited too, so you did a good job if you wanted to reduce its value.
Still, with practice, im sure the knife can still be a very lethal weapon. I managed to get a few good kills already, after only 2-3hrs of play, and not even specifically knife-practice, so if youre a knife-hater, dont party just yet, and if youre about to cry because you cant hit [CENSORED], dont give up just yet. I for one am up to the challenge of learning the ways of the new knife, and looking forward to it.

secondly, my trusty ruger.
since there were some changes (negative ones) "missing" from v1.3, I supposed that with 1.3.1 comes the judgement day and thereby the end for the ruger.
I was surprised to learn, that the changes are mostly beneficial, only the interval got bigger. and even that seems to be good for my aim, at least right now during the phase of getting used to it.... >:)

so much for the things i (sort-of) like about 131. (i didnt mention the barret being harder now, which pwnz, but it doesnt really affect me so much)

anyway, now for the bad part:
1. the m79 has not (as has been promised) been made (much if at all?) harder. from my first 2-3hrs of playing i deduct that its about the same threat as before, which for me means: it remains my arch-nemesis.
Yes, I loathe the m79 ever since 1.3, and the new version doesnt seem to be able to change this in the least.
Im very sorry that the changes that have been made dont seem to be effective.
But thats life/this game i guess, and I will prevail, even though the dark hordes of m79ern00bies are already knocking at my door </drama> :P

2. and much, much worse: hits not being registered and/or lag/bug issues.
supposedly there has been done something about the grenades, but im not so sure if it works. ive already been cursing about non-working grenades in my 2-3hrs of play today, so if anything has changed at all, its still far from perfect..

Then theres the shots that just "dont count" .. geeeeeez is it really a game-bug, or is the network-code just so flawed that even people that have 33-50ms (just like me) can get hit so much without dying... im talking 5-6 ruger hits at times. SIGH... thats the one part of the game that im REALLY unhappy with, and something should be done about this... puuleeeeeaze?

thats about all for now. enjoy :P

Deleted User
December 13, 2005, 2:38 am
Yes, ruger has turned harder to use. I see myself easily escaping from people using ruger now and noone uses it these days.

m79 shoots grenades, what more do you want to hear? It will remain a 2 hit weapon. So counter it in small places where m79ers usually roam.

Some shots dont count to, I see some guy bleeding like hell and I shoot him and he doesnt die o.O Though this is all because of the head shots/leg health decrease.

Btw, someone uses that avatar :P

Deleted User
December 13, 2005, 11:19 pm
quote:Originally posted by DrivenUnder
Btw, someone uses that avatar :P

indeed. me. :P

December 16, 2005, 10:19 pm
Man, those unregistered shots really were a pain, those 3-shot kills now become 6-shot kills.

December 17, 2005, 12:09 am
yes. zambino uses that avatar. try making one yourself. how about this:


EDIT: almost forgot. i love the new law, and the 1.3.1 ruger is pretty sweet.

The End
December 17, 2005, 7:34 pm
Yes the unregistered damage is a bit of a problem. So is the fact that occasionally I run to grenade smoke and die. That seems slightly too realistic. We're talking serious damage lagging.

December 18, 2005, 3:29 am
i agree with 'the end', lots of lag damage even for ppl with <80 ping in a server.
OMG you stole that avatar so badly, change it at once theif.

Soldat Mod Mixer [URL]

December 18, 2005, 4:36 am
unregistering hits ruin clan matches, even 1 on 1's lag enough to make a few unregistered hits now.The ruger is a little weird to use now, but I still like it.

December 20, 2005, 12:37 pm
speaking of guns that we used during the verions

i used mp5 and law, but during the end of 1.2.1 and the beginning of 1.3 i used ruger and law.
used ruger and socom cos i couldn't use the knife and i couldn't seem to use the law at all but to the end of 1.3 i used law
i use shotgun and law, seems to be the best combo. shotgun for short/close combat and law for medium/long range.

and im having trouble trying to kill people with nades, i had to throw 4 nades at one guy, who lived long enough to kill me

Deleted User
December 20, 2005, 6:42 pm
quote:Originally posted by rabidhamsteryes. zambino uses that avatar. try making one yourself. how about this:


quote:Originally posted by edak
OMG you stole that avatar so badly, change it at once theif.

both of ya, and the original accusator: next time do your f*ing homework before throwing out things like this. if you had bothered to look it up, I registered (with this avatar from the start) BEFORE "zambino", so if anyone stole anything its him. (which i btw doubt aswell, seeing as this IS a very widespread image)

either way, you may bow down and (beg for) /mercy now. :P

oh and one more thing: who is pathetic enough to even bring such a thing up in the first place? WHO gives a flying [CENSORED] about which avatar is used how often. not to mention that hardly anyone EVER "creates" (as in paints) their OWN avatars. most are copied from existing pics. so there.

December 20, 2005, 9:37 pm
and why is it that you can complain so much and say you've played since 1.2.1, but contributed only 2 posts to the forum? (excluding you flaming us for flaming you) Yeah..... Respect.... SIF

December 20, 2005, 10:25 pm
Guess what edak - if you play Soldat, you don't automatically have to post in these forums. There are actually many reasons for why one couldn't like posting here..
At least I can assure you that Vv00t is very experienced in playing Soldat, he knows what he's saying ;)