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December 15, 2005, 2:10 pm
This is a thread for all of you new players out there!

Ok, so you just downloaded Soldat recently and you have a few questions.

or...what to do before you jump into the game.

When you begin to play, don't just rush online immediately without first checking things out.
Initially, you should start up Soldat
and then click on the tab at the top right of the screen.

It will show you a few things that you can change, such as...

Name: This is how people will know you in the game.
Controls: These let you customize your control scheme if you wish to change it. Many gamers use the classic WSAD controls found usually in first-person shooters like Counter Strike, and is default for Soldat.
Character: Allows you to customise how your player looks! You can choose hair, helmet, skin colour and what colour you want for your clothes.
Default Secondary: In Soldat, you get a secondary weapon (which you can switch to at any time, or drop to pick up another dropped weapon). You can change your secondary weapon in the weapons menu when you join a game, but here you can select what you'd like selected for you automatically by default.

Now that you have everything customized, you should jump in the game and begin to get a feel of how things work!

Click the Start Game tab at the top left of the Soldat screen and select a game mode at the top. You can select a map from the maps list if you want - though it will load one without you having to choose - and after making sure no bots are added, click Start Game

Basics of Gameplay
or...how to run around with the efficiency of a ninja.

Movement: Whatever controls you chose will move you in that direction. Left is left, right is right. Up is jump and down is crouch. But there are some more advanced combinations of controls that will move you much faster.

Jump/Skipping: If you want to quickly move across a map, simply running is not enough. What you want to do is to hold down your direction keys and then jump in that direction (default W). After you hit the ground, immediately jump again. To move even faster than that, hold down the direction key, hit the jump key, and then press your jet boost key (default right mouse button) for a short period of time (it gets used up). You can experiment to see how long after a jump you should press the jet key and for how long to hold it to see what moves you fastest.

Jump/Jetting: If you want to get to an area up high, just jetting there usually won't get you far enough. Instead, use the technique above but without the directional keys hit the jump key, then hit the jet boost and hold it down. While jetting through the air you can move sideways by hitting your directional keys. If you run out of jet, let go of the key and it will begin to replenish (it will replenish faster if your feet are touching the ground).

Jumping Up Hill: If you use any of the techniques above chances are that you'll actually end up going slower up a hill, so here's a solution that'll actually propel you extremely fast: While running up hills, repeatedly press the jump button as fast as you can. If it is at just the right angle (and remember that not all hills allow you to do this), you'll move across the hill and launch over the top while barely losing any speed until you land again.

Advanced moves:
1- Superman flight: this is quite usefull when you want to advance faster while in the air, simply go somewhere high, then jump down press the Down movment button (for laying down) then immidiatly after press the JETS button, this is not a built in movment, its just a nice movement made out of Jets + Laying down in mid air.

2- Backflip: this is a built in option, simply press Up + Backwards+ Jets, this will 'cause your soldier to do a cool backflip, very usefull for dodging and gaining hight (if you start jetting before the backflip is over you can just go on higher with the jets.

3- Rolling: this is a built in option that 'causes your soldier to do a forward or backwards flip/roll quite simple to use, while walking forward or backwards just press the Down key and that will make your soldier roll in he direction you were walking to.

Line of sight: you line of sight is limited by 2 things, the crosair and the max line of sight limit for the soldier.
Always try to have your crosair as far as you can, so you'll be able to see as far as the game allows you.
This, however, only proof usefull in big maps and is less effective in smaller maps with lots of players in it.

Note: your line of sight is at most 1 screen away, it could be to the left, to the right, up or down. when in doubt of which direction the enemie will come from it best to scroll around to all direction instead of concentrating on just 1 of them.

or.... finally, we get to shoot stuff.

Crosshair: This is what your mouse controls. It shows you where you are aiming and, if you place it over another player, it will give you their name and (if they are friendly) their current health shown in a percentage. If they are an enemy, it will show you their name in red as long as they aren't crouched or prone.

Shooting: It isn't as simple as placing your crosshair on the enemy and shooting. The bullets will be pulled downward by gravity over a period of time so, depending on how far your opponent is and what gun you are using, you will want to aim a little higher than your opponent. Also, your weapons will become less accurate while you shoot or are being hit (the bink/selfbink effects - explained later) causing dramatic changes in almost all weapons.

Specific Uses: Each weapon has its merits. But all weapons have unlimited ammo. You should always pick different weapons depending on the conditions of the map.

Weapon Specifics:
Type - Does the gun fire one shot for each mouse click or can you hold the button down.
Reload Time - The relative time it takes to completely reload after shooting all of your bullets .
(the Spas 12 Shotgun can reload single bullets at a time)
Hits to Kill - How many hits on the body a person will take before dying
(This doesn't take into account head shots. Also, if a weapon shoots
more than one bullet at once the result is if all hit)
Range - How far you should be from your enemy to be accurate.

1.3 introduced the weapons editor, so, while the default settings may match this table, weapons modded servers will have widely varying settings.

Knife- This weapon is special because it never needs to be reloaded, but the damage that it deals can vary. When you press the fire key you will stab out in front of you for a one hit kill. Alternatively, you can press your drop weapon key to charge the knife until either you let go or it hits the maximum charge. Once it's let go, it will be hurled at an enemy and, depending on the speed of the knife upon impact, deal a great amount of damage.

Grenades- This is one of the most useful weapons in the game because you can throw them while using your other weapons. Just click your 'Grenade' key (default E) and release. The grenade will be thrown a certain distance away depending on the angle that you released them and how long you held the button down.

Barret: Since 1.3.1, a new way of firing the Barret has been introduced. In order to fire the weapon, you have to hold down the fire button (left mouse button most usually) for half a second.

LAW As above, the LAW requires a (slightly shorter) hold on the fire button before it fires, but also requires you being crouched to fire.

Minigun And also as above, the Minigun requires the longest duration of button-holding for it to fire. (no crouching though - phew)

Ricochet: As you shoot many bullets, you will notice that some of them bounce off of the surfaces in the level. This is called ricochet. It is very useful to kill opponents in tunnels as you don't have to aim directly at them. However, ricochets only occur if your bullets hit the surface within a 20 degree angle.

Reloading: If there are no enemies around and you have a spent clip, reload so that when you do encounter some you will have plenty of bullets to kill them with.

or... what are those little boxes I keep seeing?

While they can play a crucial role in the outcome of the game, they can also deter your performance if not used correctly.

Medikit/Grenades ([IMAGE]): These crates can only be picked up if nobody else is currently standing on them, so be sure not to hover around them for too long otherwise your teammates won't be able to get any.

Flame God([IMAGE]): Normally a great powerup, but only if you didn't already have a better weapon. It can only be used at a moderate range and sets your enemies ablaze. Also, in Deathmatch or Pointmatch this powerup makes you invulnerable!

Berserker([IMAGE]): This makes your shots more powerful. Leave it for your teammates to pick up if you aren't carrying a fully automatic weapon. It is completely wasted on Barrets because those already bring about a one hit kill.

Yo, Ok. Wheres the pred and cluster nade info eh? -Chakra

Game Modes
Or....what? theres more to Soldat than CTF and DM?

There are seven game styles in Soldat. They are...

Death Match:
A free-for-all game where your objective is to kill anyone and everyone. You get a point for each kill, and the first to reach the max point limit of the server wins.
Incase of a tie the winner will be determined by the number of deaths. The lower the better!

Team DeathMatch:
Same principle as Deathmatch, only now your kills are added with your teammate's points, which means the total points of your team will determine if you win or not, so remember to defend your teammates and help each other.

Infiltration: In infiltration each team has exactly 1 job to do, Alpha team has the job of attacking Bravo and trying to get their [black] flag back to the white flag in order to gain points.
Bravo has the job of defending against the Alpha team and keeping the flag in their base. as long as the flag remains in it's position in the Bravo base, Bravo team will gain points as time passes (so make sure the flag is at its position , sometimes it can get pushed away from grenades or bullets).

Rambomatch: In the game is a bow. You must find it, drop your weapon and pick it up, and become RAMBO!
Only while as rambo can you get points by killing others. Killing others in the game while not having a bow will take a point away! Find Rambo, kill him, and take his bow.
Easier said than done, as Rambo's health regenerates, and if he switches weapons (same button for going from primary to secondary) he can fire flaming explosive arrows!
Also, keep in mind that the arrows pass directly through colliders so, even though you'll feel safe hiding behind a crate, it won't do you any good.

Capture the flag:
In this game mode, you work as a team.
The objective is two teams pitted against one another, each trying to steal the other's flag and return it to their own flag (which must be in it's base's position).
This game mode requires cooperation; defending the base, attacking the enemy, going alternative routes to stop others using it or to sneak into the enemy base, and so on.
Whoever has the most flags scored when the game ends, or if a team scores the most amount of flags, the game is over and the best team wins.

On top of these 7 gamestyles, there are also 4 game 'modes' that can be used together or not at all.

Quite simply, when you die, you stay dead until everyone else in the server is dead except the last man/no opposing team left.

Real Mode
A complicated mode made to emulate more realistic features. You can get hurt from falling too fast, weapons have recoil (simulated by the crosshair jerking upwards), you can only see enemies within your line of sight, and all weapons are twice as powerful!

Advanced Mode
Another complicated one. When this is on, you're only allowed to use a secondary weapon upon joining the game. The more points you get from killing enemies or scoring flags (depending on game mode), the more random weapon options will be open to you!
Also, the more you die, the more random weapon choices you lose!

Friendly Fire Mode
Quite simply, you can 'accidently' kill comrades on your team. You almost definitely won't find this option enabled on a public server, for obvious reasons. >:)

Gaming Etiquette
Or....how not to be an [CENSORED] like you are in CounterStrike.

Although there aren#8217;t any set rules for online play, you should always follow a code of behavior. The Soldat community is the equivelent of a village compared to other games, and you will be remembered and possibly banned from a number of servers as your reputation grows.

Camping: The act of sitting in one position for an extended period of time usually with a Barret. Although technically not a bad thing, if you do it often or for a very long time, people will get extremely upset at you.

Barreting: Most people don't like the way that a good player can kill with only one hit repeatedly. It may be fair, but none the less it annoys some and can end up provking them to insults.

Gloating: Nobody likes a player who brags about their score or kills. Don't do it. [i(unless your names Outcast)

Shooting Friendlies: A very annoying behavior because it not only pushes your teammates around, but it severely effects their accuracy and inhibits their ability to defend themselves.

Shooting the Flag: In Capture the Flag and Infiltration games, the flags can easily be hit by your bullets and moved to a new location. If you get bored, don#8217;t shoot the flag around because it will generally move it to a location where the enemy can get to it alot easier. Not only that, but it also makes the score box show a Flag Missing sign so that your teammates think that they have to rescue the flag.

Or... hold up, is this [CENSORED] free or what?

Downloading and playing Soldat is completely free, forever, and ever.

but if you like it, you are encouraged to donate $9 to the creator of the program so that he may continue working on updates. There are numerous ways of paying, and all can be found on www.soldat.pl or in the Soldat Manual. (probably).

If you do decide to register, you will be given several privileges that other players won't have such as:
-Built-in MP3 player
-Accessing custom interfaces (changing the HUD and the look of the game)
-And getting custom jet flame colors

If you have any further questions or more things that new players should know, please add a post or PM me.

Updates Log:
Made by Vijchtidoodah

Updated, changed a bit, fiddled with, abused, added some stuff, and a few typos corrected by Chakra - 19th December 2005[/i]

Updated, Added zyxstand's tip on line of sight 20th December 2005

December 15, 2005, 7:19 pm
That weapons table isn't accurate, I would appreciate it if someone updated it for me.

December 19, 2005, 9:19 pm
Gotta love chakra :)
He has a way of making things... look better

Shame we'll have to manualy delete all the damn tags when we'll have to copy paste the info into the guide!!!! *waves fist*!!!

December 19, 2005, 9:29 pm
what guide? O_o

December 20, 2005, 3:30 am
Ok: one thing you should mention as a good tip for newcomers is to always try to keep their mouse at the edge of the screen especially in Capture The Flag and Infiltration (and rambomatch). Of course every once in a while look at potential enemy positions (small tunnel exits or such). It is very important that you have a good understanding of your surroundings so that you can better base your decisions on what to do and where to go.

Often enough have I seen my friend do that mistake - if you don't have your mouse all the way in front of your player at the edge of your screen, there is a high chance that an oncoming enemy will see you before you see him, giving him the advantage (especially with one hit killer weapons).

December 20, 2005, 9:53 am
Good point, Added

December 21, 2005, 12:17 am
Are you saying that the minigun takes only a tenth of its clip to kill someone? (note that I don't use the minigun much)

December 21, 2005, 10:35 pm
The table is not updated yet.

December 22, 2005, 11:40 pm
You should really add the kick jump. I didn't learn how to do that until a few months in.

December 23, 2005, 9:43 am
Kick jump?

December 23, 2005, 4:59 pm
Search me luv. Not a clue. Mind telling us headstone? :)

Deleted User
December 23, 2005, 5:13 pm
quote:Originally posted by Avarax at the Soldat Climbing ForumsOn certain slope polygons u can do a kickjump which u need to reach high polys. it is almost double as high as the usual jump.


This is a perfect slope poly to kickjump.
1. stand at the low side of the poly.
2. do a jump to the higher side (in this case to the left) (up + left key at the same time)
3. immediatly after the jump to the side press the up key to perform the kickjump.

good luck!

December 24, 2005, 2:00 am
What exactly does that do?
Am I wrong for thinking what he called "kick-jump" we vich described as "Jumping up hill"?

Deleted User
December 24, 2005, 2:17 am
If you time it right you go much higher than with a regular jump. There are some climb maps where using the kick-jump is the only way to get through. Unless you're cheap and use weapons.

December 24, 2005, 11:31 am
Not worth explaining.

Climbing maps are a waste of time, anyway.

December 24, 2005, 4:40 pm
well, climbing maps is something for the advanced guide.
Its defently a part of Soldat since I've seen more then 1 server with many players in it.
I personaly don't like it, and I know the majority don't either, but it will be in the Advanced Guide section.
I just need to think under which topic.
Any ideas?

December 24, 2005, 5:06 pm
Kick jumping is not meant only for climbing maps, but it's really usefull on every map which involves you moving up. You spare jet, and you get a speed boost.

It's basically skipping up a hill with doing a normal high-jump instead of a skip as your last move.

Climbing maps don't need guides, since they are mainly for improving your movement skills.

December 28, 2005, 4:34 pm
You should explain the menu and stuff.
The options for setting up a bot game (For Example, 'How to Change Respawn Time')
That kind of stuff should be in there.

December 30, 2005, 8:21 pm
and the back flip. the kick jump was really useful on old climb maps the got out dated by backflips. wooo

January 6, 2006, 3:02 pm
quote:Originally posted by Kaider[quote]Originally posted by _Mancer_[Deathmatch, By Mancer]

Primary Weapons;

Desert Eagles: Short - Mid Range
Mp5: Short Range
Steyr AUG: Short - Mid Range
AK 74: Mid - Long Range
Spas 12: Short Range
Ruger 77: Long Range
M79: Short Range
Barret: Long Range
Minigun: Mid - Long Range
And Dont forget the Minimi Mancer: Mid - Long Range

January 6, 2006, 3:17 pm
Sorry, I meant the one where you hold A to un straight at an obstacle, let go of A, slide a tiny bit and jump, so you jump both high and far. Anyone get what I mean?

And it's very useful for moving quickly in normal ctf maps, like b2b, or maps with low jet fuel (complex9).

January 11, 2006, 10:55 am
quote:Originally posted by headstoneSorry, I meant the one where you hold A to un straight at an obstacle, let go of A, slide a tiny bit and jump, so you jump both high and far. Anyone get what I mean?

And it's very useful for moving quickly in normal ctf maps, like b2b, or maps with low jet fuel (complex9).

You mean a "step jump"?

January 13, 2006, 11:29 pm
Now here is a small tip, this was originaly in the "other" board but he told he to move it here so here it is.....

A weird tip i have is (what i personally call) superman flying. While you are flying you go to the lieing down position and you will somewhat fly quickier to an area, though its sortof difficult.

January 16, 2006, 10:56 am
quote:Originally posted by bond_james_bondYou should explain the menu and stuff.
The options for setting up a bot game (For Example, 'How to Change Respawn Time')
That kind of stuff should be in there.

Concurred. I think a nice quick illustrated guide to the menus (both in the config.exe, in the game's main menus, and the in-game 'esc menu'). Also, in-game keyboard commands. Like F1 for player scores, F6 for music, etc..

I'd make the illustrations myself but i'm on a [CENSORED]ty laptop and all my graphic editing gear is on my other pc, which is currently broken.

January 16, 2006, 12:04 pm
Went a bit too wild with the fleshlight eh mate?
Anyhow, I know illustrations are needed. if I'm not mistaken they can be found on Soldat Manual (check soldat.pl)
We'll take it from there.

January 16, 2006, 12:24 pm
Also, I've updated the topic using "thekingkitty"'s tip. and adding one of my own to it.
check it out.. its all under "Advanced movments"

again thekingkitty thx for moving it here.

January 20, 2006, 5:15 am
I made the guide easy to understand, nfsjunkie. Stuff like your little measurement are too complicated to realistically keep track of during a game and are best learned intuitively by the player on their own.

February 6, 2006, 9:24 pm
In order to answer this question, which is a good one, you need to understand that playing soldat, or any other online game invloves several factors, some of which are not under your control, they all go under something most reffer to as "skills".
I will try to explain myself best, hopefully you'll read it because this is a very important topic that frustrates and confuse alot of ppl.

1- Personal abilities:
yes yes we all have basic instincs and common sense in different levels, for several reasons: Age, way of thinking, wanting different things from the game, this is also influenced by the amount of time you invest in playing the game.

2- Advancment in the understanding of the game:
getting used to its controls, using all the tools we have at our hands (taunts, Death council, knowing the map in advance) everything that can be learned by anyone with some expirience.

3- Connection:
This is the none controlable part that frustrates alot of players and actualy changes in time, sometimes for wrose sometimes for better.
No matter how skilled or how clever you are, you can't kill an enemie if you see him only when he's 2 inches near you and already sent 2 nades to your face while spraying you at the same time. (Lag)
Sometimes players just see us before we see them because they get the info from the server sooner, that 0.5 seconds can be a major deal in high levels of game play

4- Current mental/physical status:
Like any game, you need to be awake and alert, Soldat is a very fast game that requirs alot of concentration espacialy when you're a real vet that gotten used to noticing so many things at the same time (more input, the more complicated it gets).
also there's the mental state, prehapes you're listening to some slow music and u are completly calm and dont give a [CENSORED] if the world explodes, while in other times in official clan wars you're alert to every sound movement and detail on the screen.
There's also the question of how bad you want to win, I remember finding myself like a predator, watching every pixel on the screen, using every bit of tactic and style I could think of to give my self edge on the up coming flagger , because we have 20 seconds to the end, and if we cap we win. being totaly calm reduces your attention and increase your respone time, if u get over stressed its starts going bad..

So sometimes, a player that has been playing for over 3 years, managed to win lots of matches in high levels of the soldat game will find himself getting owned by some new player in some public or a gather.
It can be due to his very bad connection , prehapes low FPS because of computer problems, prehapes he was just having a bad mood.

OR! prehapes even after 2 years of playing you managed to miss out on alot of espects of soldat, I see players that have been playing for so long yet still can't completly grasp the meaning of team work , or still didn't develope a keen sense of aiming with all the weapons.
Eventualy there is always someone better, espacialy in Soldat, if he plays twice as you, he's most likely to be better than you because he'll get more shots in you faster due to his good aim.
Ofcourse it doesnt have to be like that, it all depends you see...

As a matter of fact, I'm going to put this one in the guide :)
Just need to think about where...

February 17, 2006, 5:57 pm
I dont think anyone has realised this by now, and if you stay in europe then its usually not a problem, but to have a ping of say 300 can deny you a lot of kills. You must wonder(es with the m79) why your fleshbusting hardhitting bullets dont kill. It expoldes and you have never seen anyone take such a beating.

The answer to this , is that collide-detect is both client side and server side. Server side to check how much damage they take, and client side to render exp's.
So when you fire a shot, the bullet is actually renderd after 0.5* your ping's time. If you think about it , then it becomes apparent that you sould place your bullet where the target whould have been in the time it takes 4 the bullet to travel,(you knew that) PLUS where he whould be in o.5 *your ping. So shoot just a little ahead, and guess who'll dominate?

oh AND i forgot:
-Never, ever become stationary when facing a m79( you;ll be suprised as how quickly a seasoned m79er can aquire and kill you..)
-Outwit Autogunners by unexpectedly(not too often) duck and take cover to have increased accuracy
-If you want to move fast , always jump assoon as you land. Works not only for long streaches, but tunnelling is very very effective this way.

- And very important : in ctf , when theres an enamy flag carrier, dont attack him directly if theres a quicker alt. route. this way you can ambush him and liberate the flag quite easily if you >

-throw grenades just ahead of him. The nade was long ago changed in such a way that if you step/run over it, thers a 80-90% chance you'll be killed. so take advantage of the fact that nobody bothers to look !
(this is surely the easiest way to get a frag!!!)

-Dont step on granades! If you put youre mind to it, it becomes easy to evade the grenades - jump over it, look for soldiers throwing it.
lastly keep track of where all the medikits stay , so you can almost be immortal!!!

February 24, 2006, 10:27 pm
Oy...for the love of god, what's up with the huge font. You've created a monster -- one that only seeks love and compassion, but a monster nonetheless -- we don't need gigantic font, we don't need annoying formatting, and we don't need any gimmicks. Just present the information in a simple way.

February 25, 2006, 12:23 am
dude, wtf..
its just the forum.
The information will be presented in the wiki and inside soldat.
And ofcourse it doesnt use the same markings as these forums do.

March 28, 2006, 9:51 pm
Don't forget that if you go prone with the barret you get a longer line of sight.