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December 24, 2005, 2:32 am
This will be the first thing on the guide.
Before the begginers guide and before everything.
Just the front page of the guide.
With the help of this first page, I hope to accomplish several things.
1- To explain how Soldat is much more than the game you just see when first playing it, and by that encouraging all those quick to judge kid who immidiatly say "eww it 2d" etc.. what do you, that's exactly what I said when I first saw it ^_^, luckly (I think) I had a nagging friend who kept trying to get me into the game, and eventualy I found much more than just a 2d game.

2- To try to reach those future pricks before they become pricks or atleast before they are influenced by other existing pricks into becoming pricks like themselfs, that could very easly help improve the community of the future.

So here is my first draft for it, keep in mind it the firts DRAFT! you're invited to come up with new suggestions and improvments.

So here we go:
Soldat, the ultimate 2D game!
The Game:
Having a game in 2D can offer alot of options you cannot have in a 3D game/world. The ability to apply team work and co-operation in Soldat beats any fancy 3D game with system requirments that can get your parents broke.
The magic of the game is that alot of features, and most changes come from the community itself.
The game creator comes in contact with the community directly (there is even a recorded interview that was broadcasted live on the internet), he draws his ideas from the community add his own touch to it and you get a game that the community had shaped into what it is today.
Joining the online Soldat community can with time create a game that you will feel comfortable with , since parts of it came from you.
In a way you might say that Soldat is the community's game.
But, the most important thing you need to remember is that Soldat is the ONLY online game that comes with a dedicated polish programmer ^_^

The community:
The community is made out of many smaller and larger mini-communities, nevertheless, they are all linked somehow.
The dominant groups are the North american community and the European community.
North america is made out of most states in the US and Canada, and the european community comes from most if not all of europe including a pretty dominant Israeli fan base.
The game is also played by Australians,Koreans,....

As said before the game is developed by the creator but with the help of the community itself, however, leagues, cups, dedicated servers, special projects are made purly by the community.
One day if you stick to the game, you might be leading such a project yourself.
You might encounter alot of unpleasent things at first, players calling you names (mostly various versions of newbie) because you are not quite good at the game, sometimes you'll be called names because you are VERY good.
Due to the fact that the community itself is running all its projects, there are parts of it where you'll find alot of mayhem and disorder (prehapes even power abuse), while in others you'll find specific rules and total order with good administrations.
This is a direct result of how much time this project have been running. with time the community learn from its mistakes, you'll find alot of new friends , you'll learn alot of new stuff about other countries and habbits just through this small game with its small community.
Know that with every prick that calls you names because you're having a bad day, there is another one, who will spend hours of his time to teach you new stuff and help you improve.

Ok, so this is my first draft :P
I know, it sucks and not summerised, but its freaking friday and its 4:30, so deal with it, ITS JUST A FIRST DRAFT!

December 27, 2005, 4:48 pm
Hmm... Yes... Nice. I just took a quick glance and skimmed through rather quickly. Since no one has offered any suggestions yet, I'll look it over in detail and get back to you!

EDIT: Ok, after a quick half-hour edit, I did make some quick changes.

Here's the format: I highlighted anything that is not wrong, incorrect, or anything of the sort, yellow. Next to it, in red, I explained what could be done to make it better.

The green highlight means you've done something well and I do not suggest any changes.

Some text is in red. It just means I changed it from the original because it was wrong. This includes spelling, small grammar errors, etc. I didn't focus much on sentence structure so... Ok.
By th way. I left a small note at the end.
Here's the link:

.Doc - http://m00.laughingllamas.com/fileupload/index.php?act=dl&file=U29sZGF0IEd1aWRlIEludHJvIC0gRWRpdC5kb2M=
.RTF -

December 28, 2005, 4:35 am
Well other than making me feel like a high school student who just got his essay back , you did a damn good job.
Did I mention it was a draft? :S
I was also drunk and the dog ate my homework...<_<

As for the splitting it into 2 parts, I feel a need for that,
Since (erm..Because), there are those who are stuck at the Game section without feeling expirience of being a part of the community, so I think its essantial to emphesize that what makes this game great is the game itself along with the community factor yet they are not the same thing.

December 28, 2005, 4:01 pm
I felt like a teacher when editing. =)
Anyways... You can split into 'two sections' ... But... Just don't put those titles and sub-headings. That's all I'm saying.

And it's only a rough draft... Good job ;)