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January 5, 2006, 11:06 am
Soldat, like most games, has clans, if you have a tip of how to open and run a clan, this is the place to do that.

Stage 1 - the idea:
Ask yourself, why do you want to open the clan?
The reason will determine if your clan will be succesfull and fun, or just a clanwar winning machine that will die after the first fight in the clan.
Now if you want a clan, you'll need a name and a tag.
The tag mostly derives from the name :)
Name- Soldat Owners
Tag- {SO}

If you want to be creative think hard about your clan's name and tag.
Try to have a meaning to it, other then just being a "cool" name.
Not exactly needed, but can be very usefull :)
e.g : -={IsU}=- - Israel's Special Unit
Which is a name for a clan only for players from Israel.

Notice the tag also has some decorations to it, its wise not to go too far with the decoration, you want ppl to remember the tag , not the "pretty" lines.

Stage 2 - Opening a clan:
In order to open a clan, you need to make sure you have all the elements needed to start a clan, and these are the elements

1- A Leader/Manager
The person who will orginize stuff within the clan, the guy that will speak for the clan when needed, the guy who will sign up and represent the clan everywhere, this is the most important job in the making of a good clan, the leader doesnt have to be the BOSS , but he needs to be able to make hard decisions that the clan as a whole is not able to make.
Arguments are best solved by an objective viewer that is respected by both sides of the argument.
So the leader needs to be:
A- Respected by the members of the clan (doesnt mean they have to worship him)
B- Needs to be decisive and mature
C- Needs to be able to communicate to other clans (most of the times it means he needs to be able to speak English in a reasonable level)

2 or more members-
Having a clan of 2 members is possible but really boring, most clan wars are 3v3 minimum and almost all the leauges/cups require a minmimum of 3 members in a clan.

Some of the times the leader will start a clan all on his own , and then start recruiting ppl into it, that is not the best way to start a clan, a clan is best started from a basic friendship betwin the first players in it.
Nevertheless, if you decide to start a clan from nothing and recruit players, look for active players with a good attitude, which means willing to co-operate and being nice to others in general.
Remember! Soldat skills improve with time almost constantly, social skills are harder to adjust!

Stage 3 - Running a clan
So, the most important thing you need to remember is how to recruit wisely!
Your clanmates will determine what your clan will be in the future.
When recruiting someone ask yourself these questions:

1- Can he contribute to the clan in some way? (socialy, skills wise, enriching the arsenal of the clan by using another weapon etc etc)

2- Will he get along with ALL of the clanmates? (Better to ask each of your players and get their opinions)

3- Why does he want to join my clan? if its because your clan really owns latley, consider the fact that the minute you start loosing for 1 reason or the other, he might leave.

4- Will he leave after a week? (Is he a clan hopper?) try to get some background on the guy to help you with that.

5- How active is he? also it will be wise to ask for his current situation, if he's about to start college/army in 2 weeks, prehapes he won't have as much time as he has now.

So, you opened a clan, you have 2 or more great guys next to you and you want to start kicking ass!
Now, here's the problem, you won't necceserly do that right away, there are clans out there who are very expirienced and are very brutal when it comes to team work.
Playing a clan like that, can lead to alot of learning from your side, or a huge decrease in moral and motivation in your clan, so do it smartly and be ready for stuff like that in the begining.

Running a clan is mostly done by 1 or 2 players, one of them being the leader, the other being his "co-leader" a co-leader isn't a must but its a good idea , because a need for someone to decide stuff may come when the leader is not online, also leading a clan isn't that easy, you'll need help.

A leader, as a representative of the clan, should take responsability for everything that is being done by the players within the clan, that means if someone is cheating 1 way or another or doing anything wrong that is in the clan's duties , it means the clan is also responsible and by that , it means you.

As a leader you will be the mouth and ears of the clan , talking to other leaders, settling fights betwin your clan and others, making comprimises when a problem occures.
Leading a clan needs some political charataristics ;)
You can't just go around cursing ppl left and right, being nasty to everyone , because that will bring hate to your tag and sometimes to the rest of your clanmates.

Innerclan relationships:
A clan is more the just a bunch of good players teaming up to win games and be proud of their skills.
Clans were made in the first place , from friendships, friends who wanted to play together as team vs others teams, for the fun of it.
Its much more fun playing with someone you like and can connect to.
Its important to maintain a good relationship, and here comes the leader's job, fights might start betwin clan members, and its a leader's job to help settle it.
Consider this factor when recruiting someone into the clan, think about how he will effect the clan dynamics and if he might improve the clan's friendships or really annoy some of the clan mates, a great soldat player is not worth your time if he's going to start riots in your clan.

Respect your teammates!! and make sure they are able to respect each other! you need to listen to each other, and be nice to each other, that means no flaming someone when he sucks, no cursing someone when he [CENSORED]s up big time.. and most importantly , no ignoring his complaints/whines, if something bothers your teammates, you should listen and try to help game wise. e.g: "Please use an automatic weapon and help me out"

This is a VERY important part of improving your clan's ability.
When recruiting, or just when playing, do your best to make sure that as many players as possible are using what they want in the best places.
That means, that if someone likes attacking as a lone wolf in tunnles, dont try to make him go up, he wont do as good.
Make sure to combine pairs of players with the appropriate weapons , that means no Barret + Auto in main lanes and such poor combinations.
If someone likes the 1 shot weapons, its best to let him go lone wolf.

Practice is a [CENSORED], its really hard to set up too, because most players just want to play for fun and not go through an army like session.
Nevertheless, its needed if you want to improve as a clan, so make it a fun practice.
Try to arrange inner clan games (if you have 6 or more players)
Try new tactics and new stuff on wrose teams then you, that way you wont loose moral but get to try your new tactics and practice it.
Don't make your players go through boring practice sessions .. it wont do any good.

VERY VERY important, make sure your teammates can communicate properly amongs themselves.
Make sure to get as many of them into using taunts AND some form of a voice communication program (TeamSpeak,Vent,Skype etc..)
Why both? because sometimes the voice program won't work for some reason, its always good to have a second plan in your pockets.
Try to get your players to use taunts as much as possible in none clan war games, public games, gathers etc..
Having taunts as second nature is always usefull.

more to come soon...

Deleted User
January 5, 2006, 12:03 pm
Make sure to recruit active people. Sometimes, the people you recruit will probably never come online, maybe 3 times a week of a minimum time.

Make sure they come online, so you guys can scrim.

SCRIM<-- friendly clan war. (just practice)

Having two leaders is a good choice for running the clan since they players will always look to talk to the leader and one of you might be on.

Practice, practice, practice! Make sure you constantly do this. In-clan scrims or scrims against other people are a good way to get up your skill and teamwork.

In my opinion, even if you have the best players on soldat in a clan and they cant work together, they will get pwned.
Use stradegies and teamwork.
I suggest taunts/teamspeak.

If your going to create a clan, make sure you have the time for it. Dont waste other peoples time if your unsure.

January 11, 2006, 5:54 am
For clan websites you can either make your own html made website with a free web host. Or you can get a template and get a web host. Or at least a forum. And if for some reason you have no choice whatsoever, get a eeeek WYSIWYG sites.,

Don't forget to update you clan site, you could lose people that way if theres literaly like nothing going on whatsoever.

P.S. I would use a forum, but my forum is kinda ugly, you sould pick a nice looking forum, mines only ugly because i'm too lazy :)

April 15, 2006, 3:49 pm
question... to make a clan do u jus put the tag at the end of ur name or are there any special steps that u needa follow?

April 17, 2006, 4:54 pm
where would i be able to set up my own forum?

April 17, 2006, 5:33 pm
Pwner - Just say you have a clan, and POOF! You're in a clan (no joke).
monogordo - Do a google search for free forum.