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The Guide's Structure
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January 6, 2006, 3:24 pm
It came to my attention that alot of ppl don't understand the structure I'm aiming for.
Which is understanble since I didn't post it anywhere :)

So I will Explain it now.

Its going to be made out of 2 BIG parts.

The first part will be the Begginers guide.

The Begginers Guide
In the begginers guide there will be an explaination for everything in the basic sense of it.

Meaning , how to move, how to use grenades, how to tweak your soldier etc etc..

- basic explainations of each mode.. stuff like "In deathmatch you need to have the most kills inorder to win"
Or "In CTF you need to make sure your flag stays in base and then take the enemie base and bring it to your flag while its in your base in its spot"

- Basic stuff like "camping in 1 place is not a smart tactic, and also annoys other, try to avoid it"

- Explainations of all the weapons and their capabilities and what do they mean in the game. (faster reload, faster bullets and how they are usefull).

- Which weapons combinations are the best and for what situations

- Explainations of wierd factors in the game, like momvment accuracy, bink, self bink and so on..

Basicly it will educate the new player into playing the game following its basic rules and just making him more plesent to play against, you might say that the begginers guide prepears you for playing in Public servers.

Advanced Guide
This will include EVERYTHING that is not in the begginers guide.
Soldat wise, from explaining the CTF 2 up 1 down stratagy to explaining complicated stratagies of /kill when you want to defend your base, or just not killing someone inorder to avoid more defenders in the enemie's base.
how to win a deathmath game by using your wits and the right weapons, and how to get out of complicated situations when there are masses of ppl inside a server.

It will talk about complicated tactics that were invented by clans in the last 3 years, complicated thinking in order to cover all options when defending something or someone.

I think you've got the point by now..

Guide into the community
This will talk about all the community issues.
That means tips about the community..
IRC, how to join a gather, how to listen to soldat radio...
how to sign up to leagues.. etc etc.

Here's the part I'm still thinking about.
Modding, Mapping, Server setup.. stuff that has nothing to do with playing the game, do you think that should be inside the advanced Soldat guide? or should be in another title of their own? and if so, what title should that be?

I just added the third head topic.
Question remains, where to put it..
If I'll make 4 head topics I fear its going to be a little too much.
But I just don't see any other way, how about "Changing Soldat"?
or, "Creative corner"?
meh, what a dilema :)

January 6, 2006, 8:42 pm
"Modding, Mapping, Server setup.. stuff like that that has nothing to do with playing the game, do you think that should be inside the advanced Soldat guide?" >>> i think it should be implemented in the guide , with a header like "For creative people ":) . It is a good thing to have everything under one "roof" . If it wouldn't be implemented, than somebod'll have to make it into another guide ^^ .
ps : sorry for my english

January 6, 2006, 9:28 pm
Bad idea... keep everything in 1 section, in 1 post. for instance.. If your learning about CTF.. start out with beginners ctf in 1 post, and then go to advanced.

January 6, 2006, 11:47 pm
Errr...well you've still got me confused. This whole forum section is for "The Soldat Guide", nowhere does it say that this is the Beginner's Guide. There is, however, a topic about "The Beginner's Guide". So it would seem to me that you would want advanced strategies in the topics about DM, CTF, etc. Besides, if you really want to dumb all this stuff down for a beginner, then I think you've already covered it, because a true Beginner's Guide is like 2 paragraphs long....

January 7, 2006, 9:34 pm
To clear things out, as the name of this forum says , this isn't a guide, its INFORMATION GATHERING for the soldat guide.
I also made it quite clear in the description.

This is the first step of making the guide, which is gather the information.
The second stage would be arranging it in one way or another that will be easy to access and in a smart learning curve, meaning you don't try to teach a begginer how to play sufisticated clan war tactics.

Everything in the guide will be under 1 roof!
Which is "Soldat Guide"
My question was towords the sections within the guide.

As I stated there will be 2 parts as for now, the first part of the guide will be dedicated for begginers and will only talk about the basics.
The second part will talk about the advanced tactics and ways to play the game (This will be the "the guide for Advanced Soldat"

MY question was, if "Mapping, modding" and such should be inside the second part (The guide for advanced soldat) or should it be insided a third part dedicated for those stuff.

January 7, 2006, 9:50 pm
mapping and modding should be in another part, server setup should be in the beginner's and advanced guide. the beginner's guide would basically tell you how to make a server that other people can join, and also how to make a maplist. the advanced section could have instructions on how to hand-configure soldat.ini, where to download arss and how to use it, and should also have a link to the dedicated server source code.

edit: mapping and modding should be in Adding onto Soldat: Mapping and Modding.

January 15, 2006, 1:06 am
Notice the new topic I added.
notice the notes I added in the end.
Its quite a dilema these 2 topics.. damn them to hell!