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Purpose of this section of the Forum
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January 16, 2006, 11:11 am

Just to help clarify in case anyone didn't quite 'get it' yet, the purpose of this forum (The Soldat Guide sub-forum) is - with the help of you - to gather tips, information, knowledge and such in order to compile a complete guide to Soldat.

This forum is not currently meant as an actual guide, though newcomers and experienced alike can benefit from reading through it. Any practical information you can provide (in the appropriate thread in this forum) will be welcomed.

What will become of this complete guide when it's done?

Well, i'm not currently sure. Ok, our moderator and 'architect' of this guide has oh-so-secret plans for it, and with support from Michal, you may well see it appear somewhere rather official. All in all however, it's all towards helping newcomers and those with questions alike about our lovely game, Soldat.

There is also a website in development using the information gathered from this forum. Check it out here: http://mr.netpub.org/guide/ (by Dephille)

If you'd like to help in any way towards the site or other services you could provide, contact the moderator Ok. Credits go to: http://archive.forums.soldat.pl/topic.php?topic_id=30556

January 16, 2006, 1:59 pm
Well , its not so secret.
Plans are being made to merge with the wiki makers..
As you can obviously see, the link in chaky's post is a website, a somewhat simpler version of a wiki.
Its not going to be used after all, we're going to take a wiki platform and adjust it to be more friendly to the eyes a normal wiki is just too heavy in details.

That's the website btw, the implimented guide will include the exact same information!
Only it will be availble on your computer in your soldat game as another tab.

So what is the plan in short?


1- Gather information (what this forum is meant to do)

2- Summerize it, orginize it and restate whatever needs to be restated (That's what the admins are doing atm and will cotninue to do so in the future)

3- This stage is devided into 2 parts:

A: Adjust a wiki platform to be suitable for soldat and simple viewing/searching (Dephille's +.nl team's job)
B: Add a tab inside Soldat that will allow viewing/searching and updating of the soldat guide (also allowing updates from the website directly to your soldat guide) -- MM's job

4- Collect a novel prize from the P.F.R organization. (The first one to guess what's the P.F.R gets a danish cake, sponsered by Denacke and will only be accepted in THIS thread)