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Fav. team?
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Deleted User
February 9, 2006, 12:46 am
well its a stupid poll but whats your favourite team?

February 9, 2006, 12:55 am
I love my colors!

Deleted User
February 9, 2006, 1:53 am
Delta because I'm green anyway 8)

February 9, 2006, 2:08 am
I dont know what to put, my guy's red already! I'll put alpha.

Deleted User
February 9, 2006, 4:48 am

February 9, 2006, 3:55 pm
I like my colors. Red, blue, yellow and green shirts just doesn't appeal to me. But it really doesn't matter to me.

February 9, 2006, 4:12 pm
red is better on b2b

but blue on voland


February 9, 2006, 4:13 pm
as in my avatar -> im red, alpha all the way!

February 9, 2006, 4:15 pm
I'm red lol

Deleted User
February 9, 2006, 5:20 pm
hahaha I like my colors, but if I gotta do a match I have to be Charlie

Deleted User
February 9, 2006, 7:52 pm
yeah my colors are sweet(glad ive add that one ;) )
in TM and CTF i normaly pick Bravo team

February 9, 2006, 10:21 pm
^I do that too. Just that it seems that Bravo players are stronger (their looks)

Deleted User
February 9, 2006, 11:21 pm
yes it seens so, in the start i used to be in the Alpha team but i changed to Bravo them

February 10, 2006, 12:02 pm
I prefer when im in the bravo team, Teal skin with red shirt and hat is a NO-NO!!!

February 11, 2006, 3:02 pm
Wierd ppl! Charlie Team FTW! Me, and one other elite player voted, and we will pwn you suckers!

Deleted User
February 11, 2006, 3:13 pm
Since most of the maps have alpha running to the right on offense on CTF, I generally prefer to be alpha. But I don't like being alpha on INF, I also don't like being bravo on INF, I also don't like INF.

Deleted User
February 11, 2006, 4:16 pm
damn straight Echo, we'll kick anyones ass who thinks Charlie sucks

February 11, 2006, 4:53 pm
i find alpha usually has more of an advantage as it usually has the left side

February 11, 2006, 6:10 pm
<<< colors.

bravo has an easier time throwing knives while moving.

Deleted User
February 11, 2006, 6:17 pm
I love my colours! If you see a bush running towards you with a Minimi, that will be me ;)

It's because I've kept the colours from my camping days.


Keron Cyst
February 11, 2006, 8:08 pm
I put Alpha. I'd go for any red-tinged team that isn't bright & flashy (like Charlie or Delta; Bravo doesn't really appeal to me even though it's dark as well).

Deleted User
February 13, 2006, 6:42 pm
bah bravo owns!

February 13, 2006, 7:10 pm
Depends on map.

Deleted User
February 13, 2006, 7:28 pm
i also dunno why i like the bravo team so much but i do