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can you re-use a registration code?
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March 8, 2003, 10:02 pm
I'm really keen to register Soldat but I have a problem... I'm going to be buying a new PC in about 2 months.

If I get a registration cod now and use it on my current PC will I be able to install soldat on my new machine and use the same code?

I only ask this because a friend of mine managed to lock-out his version of Half-Life (he couldn't play multiplayer games on the internet) when he installed it on his new machine using the same CD key.


March 8, 2003, 10:53 pm
yup, you can re-use it, just save the email and .reg file from michal. Then when you do a re-install of soldat just open the .reg file like you did the first time around.

March 8, 2003, 11:08 pm
Thanks for that... I'll try registering soon!