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Balance Options?
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February 28, 2006, 4:41 pm
I like the weapon balanceing stuff which makes alot of sense online and all but some things i find are better pre-ballance for lan based events... in smaller games the delay in the barret for example is very suck. instead of perventing camping it only makes it impossible to even use the weapon =( well... i guess thats my only real complaint. anyway maby if there were some options as far as weapon balanceing? or if you dont want people to use them online can there maby be options atleast for 1player and lan modes? thx ^^

ill just use 1.2 for lan for the time beeing a suppose =P

and one other small yet unrelated and probly over asked question... is there any solution for the resolution of the game? i have a widescreen LCD monitor. the game looks well... not good. its really fuzzy. also if the resolution cant be fixed... is there still a way to do widescreen maby in the future?