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March 9, 2006, 10:13 pm

why the hell did nobody think about this?
If someone HAS thought about this I did not find the topic.

Well, My idea is:

Soldat creators had the briliant idea to add static machine guns to the soldat scene... makes it fun and more interactive.

Now my Idea...

Since we got base defence with the gun turrets, what we need now, apart from infantry is.... Vehicles!

Vehicles would make battles more intenciva as well as fun and even more interactive.

Vehicles could used to transport troops, assault, or fast movement in battlefield.
Vehicles should be added as a new game mode like Onslaught or Assault (where maps would be big enough to fly or use vehicles), or as a game option. (IF "vehicles" is not ticked at start of game, then, no vehicles in game, and vice-versa)

There would be a keyboard button for entering and exiting the vehicle.
Normal movement to move around.
(Could have a speed controll option with the mouse wheel.)
a primary action: gun or defence shield.
a secondary action, like: opening doors for passenger troops to enter and exit.

Vehicle Ideas:

Name: Assault Copter
Type: Small (1 or 2 passenger copter) used for fast action infiltration landing and takeoff.
Armament: Machinegun (something like the minimi)
Small rockets (LAW type, maybe less damage rate)
One player controls movement. The other controls Weapons.

Name: Motocross Bike
Type: Small (1 or 2 passengers) used for fast ground action. great for entering enemy territorry in a fast way. (cool to play around with, jumping from obstacles.)
Armament: None (passanger can use his guns to shoot while being transported.
Player 1 controls bike, while player 2 can use his weapons.

Name: Troop Chopper
Type: Big and Heavy transportation helicopter. (8 to 10 players) used to transport troops to the enemy territorry.
Armament: none, (last player to enter copter will be placed at the edge to be able to protect the back of the copter. (with his weapons)
Player 1 controls the helicopter as well as doors.

Name: Battle Tank
Type: Army battle tank. ( up to 3 players) A good method of assault.
Armament:CANNON (awesome to have that thing blasting troops in front of it.)
Machinegun. (minimi style.)
Player1 controls movement, player 2 controls cannon turret, player 3 controls machinegun.

Well, tell me what you think!
Personally I'd love it!

Give more ideas for vehicles if you like!

Over and Out.

March 9, 2006, 11:03 pm
You didn't find any threads about it because it is against the rules to post suggesting vehicles. They have been suggested tens, if not hundreds of times. The game's owner/programmer said that they will never be in the game, and anyone with a sense of the game is very happy about that