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New Features to the Map Maker (related: MISSIONS)
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March 26, 2006, 1:38 pm
I've looked through the forum and saw a few threads on missions, and this thread is closely related to those threads.

I've been making maps for a while now (for my own server's uses), and I've noticed two major possibilities for the map maker that would give different maps a lot of new and exciting possibilities:

1: Event Triggers (Talked about in previous threads.)
2: Dynamic Polygons (I'll explain below.)

Simple event triggers can let the map creaters make maps that are much much more dynamic. Of couse, this is not to say that we should put triggers in every map, but the option to do so in a selected few would be nice. This would also let us creat simple missions...

Which brings up the point of dynamic polygons... The soldat maps that we play on, as you all know, are made with STATIC triangle polygons. They stay in one place. What if some of these polygons can move? This could let us have much more sophisticated maps, with sliding doors, falling rocks...
And we need not limit the dynamics to movement, we could put stats on the polygons. For example, we put a hp bar on a polygon, and an event trigger on the polygon that it takes away health every time a player shoots it; another event trigger on when the health of the polygon reaches 0, which when triggered would destroy the polygon. And vola! We make a door that you can shoot/bomb down.

With these two additions to the current map-maker, we could do so much more!

What do you guys think of this idea? What about the programming efforts? Would the Soldat core program have to change to mold around these proposed features for new maps?

(Be gentle with your comments, guys... This is my virgin post.)

(Yeah, 4-yr-old dude u seem like u can be cruel...)

March 26, 2006, 2:21 pm
We're not discussing mapmaker in this forum.

And the Missions suggestion has been repeated time and time again...although, I do advocate it =)