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Multiple config.ini Files
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April 14, 2006, 5:56 am
This idea relates to Administrators in-game. This is my idea:

You currently have the config.ini file that Soldat loads off of to know what to use as options when the server begins. So, once the server starts, say we want to play in this same server but have a different game style. An Administrator of the server could type in a command that would load a differnet pre-configured config.ini file, named config2.ini. This config2.ini file that the server host pre-configured would then be loaded. This would restart the server with these settings and then you have a totally new game type.

Administrators would have to know the name of the config.ini file that was created. This idea would greatly expand server flexibilty and changeability. An example would be this:
Say you are currently playing a game that has regular stats for a Soldat Server. So you and a bunch of friends are playing and want to change the server config.ini file to fit those of SCTFL rules. Well, for this, there would already have to be a server that has the settings required to play a SCTFL server, and the one you were currently in had PowerUps. Well, just loading a new config.ini file, (lets say) sctflconfig.ini. So the Server Message says the server wasa disconnected, and everyone leaves. They wait a few seconds rejoin, and powerups are gone from that server and the setup for a SCTFL match are loaded.

The only type of server that you wouldn't be able to load would be a (WM) server. Considering since that effects the weapons.ini file, instead of just the config.ini file. This type of implament would be a Dedicated Server only option also.

April 23, 2006, 8:11 pm
like /loadini soldat.ini?

yea but that might interfere with the play, of the game

April 27, 2006, 12:26 am
Actually it wouldn't interfer. Of course the server would have to restart, but that would become the only interference. But it'd be so simple to just have 1 server be able to play multiple types of games, and you don't have to bother the server host with editing the config.ini file to load a new game for everyone to play.


I've also thought of another implamation that could also improve game play and growth of the community.

Mostly everyone plays CTF games, and you don't see a lot of people playing other game varients like Infiltration and HTF. Well, what if it was possible to be able to promote growth that you could config the server to load a new game varient after a CTF map finished. So after a CTF game on ctf_Laos finished, the server then loads a HTF Game Varient, and everyone stays on the team they were on before. That way the teams don't become really unfair on the Game Varient change.

This then gives the players a new variety of games to chose from. So not eveyrone is playing just CTF. Of course you couldn't start up a 4 team game after a CTF game without the teams being messed up. So a new idea and concept could be thought of for this. I'm not sure if such an implament could be established considering since it takes a server restart for a new game varient to load.