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a Forum for new interfaces?
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March 31, 2003, 2:27 am
Didn't see one =/

anyway, here's one i made


Some screenies:




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March 31, 2003, 2:36 am
the forum to post interfaces is
1337 mods forum.

btw, nice interface

March 31, 2003, 5:21 am
kinda squished....

March 31, 2003, 6:57 am
NOt too bad. I'll stick with my currant though. Good job anyway.

March 31, 2003, 7:08 am
i agree with duke33.
and what interface are you using currently duke?
im using Cabbage Interface 1.1 and it ROCKS!

April 1, 2003, 4:39 am
thanx evolution :)

Nebby - I believe that your interface only works for people that have a registered copy of Soldat?
I find the best thing to do at the moment is just to edit the standard interface - free for all!
And edit the icons - the defaults are boring! lol

but gj anyway :)


April 26, 2003, 4:32 pm
Its a shame that i dont own teh registered version

April 26, 2003, 5:09 pm
does anyone have just a changed default inrerface they can give me? since i havent registered but i still want to be able to have a nice looking interface, so anyone out there?

April 26, 2003, 5:36 pm
Well... Cabbage's interface was EXCELLENT. I fixed some stuff in it,so it looked better, but its for my paintball mod, so....

April 26, 2003, 6:01 pm
ok then, so cabbages interface was a changed default interface? if so, can you send it to me cabbage? wormdundee@hotmail.com or anyone else who happens to have it can send it also