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Ruger77 Laser mod
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May 4, 2003, 11:07 pm
Laser sight mod for the Ruger77 - maybe now more people will use it. Comes in two flavors, green and red. Choose the one you like the best.

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] laserred.jpg23.23 KB

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] lasermod.zip1.05 KB

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] lasermodG.zip1.05 KB

May 5, 2003, 12:01 am
Never turns out looking good, because on pixel is REALLY big in game.

May 5, 2003, 12:43 am
i agree with puma it looks like crap and it doesnt work like it should

May 5, 2003, 12:52 am
works fine for me. If you mean that it looks like it has more than one color in the beam, thats normal. It does looks like it should, it was made to look like that.

-wecantaim- scope
May 5, 2003, 2:20 am
I just don't see how it helps. I mean I can see where my shot goes, and adjust as to that. It doesn't really "help" me all that much per say. If you do it to look cool...i guess it's just not my thing.

May 5, 2003, 3:14 am
it wont helps you, try doing this

jump up and shots or while you are flying up, press fire

you will see the ruger bullets doesnt follow that laser thingy of yours

May 5, 2003, 9:09 am
it's purely asthetic

Deleted User
May 5, 2003, 8:49 pm
In Japan, Laser mod is a bad reputation.

May 5, 2003, 9:39 pm
o cool man, a fan of soldat from Japan! welcome!

May 5, 2003, 10:45 pm
It helped me when I tried it...but I don't like any changes in Soldat, so I went back to my old ways quickly....nice little thing anyways, JayBDey. ;)


Deleted User
May 5, 2003, 11:09 pm
Hi N1nj@.
You too, are cool!

There is not Soldat Player in Japan too much yet.
However, all is playing happily.

May 6, 2003, 12:13 am
hehe, thanks, nice website too :)

May 9, 2003, 3:51 am
Well, if you don?t like it you don?t have to use it, I?m just putting it out there for the community.

The Ruger77 needs any help it can get to compete with the barret. I am getting pretty good with it too.

May 9, 2003, 8:59 pm
i tested this...and found out that it doesnt give you exact shot....but i guess it helps the n00bs

May 20, 2003, 2:02 am
too bad i cant read it

May 20, 2003, 5:18 am
Maybe Ruger should have a look-ahead similar distance to Barrets when prone and crouching, this would help it more than this n00b laser. See my topic for more details and to post your view: [URL].

that fuking sniper
May 20, 2003, 5:27 am
quote:Originally posted by JayBDey

The Ruger77 needs any help it can get to compete with the barret. I am getting pretty good with it too.

The Rugger is its own thing, it doesnt need to compete whith the Barret, this kind of weapon comparison is wrong, you always look at the most ultimate, and you start comparing. Each weapon has its thing, and you need to understand that before you get all crazy and making laser mods all over the place......

July 9, 2003, 10:26 pm
uhhh yea Jay didnt make that he stole that from Ta2s laser mod uhh u guys go to his Selfkill website i think its www.selfkill.de (o yea and if not im sry for saying he stole it i just think its Ta2's looks identical) its under mod section on page

July 9, 2003, 10:35 pm
um i dont know why you think the ruger needs help to compete with other weapons, one time on ctf_laos i held the bottom tunnel by myself for 10 minutes using only a ruger and grenades (it was pretty cool how i did i too, but its too long a story ;D)

July 9, 2003, 10:46 pm
Haro1121, you are mistaken. All laser mods will look about the same because of the way soldat displays colors. Try making one yourself and see, and don?t be so quick to call people thieves.

July 10, 2003, 12:09 am
Ruger owns. Always has :)

July 10, 2003, 3:41 am
Haro1121: alot of poeple already made a laser mod before Ta2 did. and dont go out and call people thieves.

July 10, 2003, 4:09 am
well laser mods are easy to do :|
[{M}] made one go see it in his site.. it changes all weapons to laser ^_^ but i dont like laser mods :|

July 10, 2003, 7:41 pm
alright im sry miss judgement my bad it looked identical thats why i said it and i already said sry if it wasnt copyed so ignore my post and keep up the (i hate those stupid laser mods) so i guess instead of good work keep up the work.