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Masta killer
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May 14, 2003, 7:57 pm

I never reach this level of gore in a real combat.
And you?

¥Vive La Resistance¥
May 14, 2003, 9:06 pm
whats that supposed to mean????[:-boggled]

May 14, 2003, 9:39 pm
i did

May 15, 2003, 12:32 am
quote:Originally posted by SuperKill
i did


I only do this with bot Hands and Rambomatch...

May 15, 2003, 12:59 am
It's called nade spamming on USA-Sabots! ;)

I've only done it once, but I don't have a screen....:P


May 15, 2003, 1:40 am
how the hell could you not take a screen of that?!?! thats what you need for ultimate boasting rights man

May 15, 2003, 1:41 am
Masta killers really easy man

May 15, 2003, 3:02 am

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] screenshot41.JPG35.29 KB

look at the stupid ghost.. ---> [:-ghost]

May 15, 2003, 3:07 am

I never reached that. Impossible to me now.

May 15, 2003, 3:48 am
Easy, go to a server full of ppl, get the beszerker bonus, go quickly to where they are all fighting each other, plant ALL nades u have and use a weapon that fires quickly (like machine guns or SOCCOM). Once you done this correctly and u get a MASTA KILLA!! spamm the server saying "MASTA KILLA!!" simple :)

cuz i personally hate those kind of ppl that get a [:-censored]ty double kill and scream like retards saying "I GOT A DOUBLE KILL!!!!"

May 15, 2003, 4:36 am
No kidding man. ive got some masta killas on multiplayer games agiasnt real ppl. On single player ive got more cos the bots are stupid. Actually, i made a map cos i was really bored just so that i could get masta kills. Actully, i got 43 000 on that map, but thats beside the point.......

May 16, 2003, 11:45 am
to some ppl masta killa seems to be something magical that's impossible to make and consider those who have done it heroes or something. it really ain't that difficult to get so I say: Make an even higher level so that you actually have something special to brag about. I'll be ready to get it if it's added ;)

May 16, 2003, 1:27 pm
yeah like Masta Killa x 2 [:P]

May 16, 2003, 2:01 pm
quote:Originally posted by xav

I never reach this level of gore in a real combat.
And you?

Nope, doesnt stop me from killing most tho :)

May 17, 2003, 12:35 am
I want higer ranks!!! Masta Kill isnt enough i've reached it lots and I want higher !!!

Hey Michal can you make more ranks for the next version?

May 17, 2003, 12:59 am
Well, I got Masta Killa x 3 once in an aussie DM game :)

That was fun...

But I didn't think it was that good/rare so I didn't bother capping a screenie... oops...

May 17, 2003, 1:24 am
is there such a thing ?
masta killa x3 ?!

that fuking sniper
May 17, 2003, 1:33 am
Nope masta is the highest, I've only reached masta killa in some big server, I think its Sabots, enyway, I got a berserker and switched to a socom, they fall in 3-5 shots whith it, pretty easy to get killing ranks whith berserker.....

The highest I've got whithout a bonus is multi kill x2, that means 4 kills.....

May 17, 2003, 4:01 am
I hit MultiKiller X5 today, It was good. And yes I did do it with the spas

May 17, 2003, 5:03 am
So far, I have seen a bunch of people talking, yet no screens....

I hear "It's really really easy to get Masta Killa!", but I see people with 10 posts talking...

not that I don't believe them, but when you say it's easy, we would like to see some proof...

I'll look through my old screens (all zipped up ;])to see if I do have any Masta Killa stuff...;P


May 17, 2003, 6:31 pm
I have only ever got Multi Kill x 4 I think. Masta Killa! = that's the goal.

May 17, 2003, 10:06 pm
Me and xorax made a map for masta killa achivment... 1 poligons + realistic + lots of bots + nades = MASTTAA KIIILLLLAAAAa heheheh

May 17, 2003, 10:29 pm
o NO! big deal, masta killa is nothing

no1 knows you did it except yourself

May 22, 2003, 12:52 pm
The easiest for me to to have a masta killa!!! on a muliplayer is in rambomatch or realistic mode.If there are enough players.

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] masta_killa.GIF49.94 KB

May 22, 2003, 2:24 pm
awsome quallity ;P

May 22, 2003, 3:22 pm
holy [:-censored] man!

May 24, 2003, 12:13 pm
Ok, here's a better quality one i just made (and killed for :P lol)

Once again rambo match

I think, 3 or 4 other people in the map (hehe)
Which means i killed 7 people total... and at least 3 twice :) lol

[IMAGE]mastacabbage.jpg (ROFL) - 24.51 KB

Funny sh;t hey m1nt ch3w :) lol

May 24, 2003, 4:58 pm
masta killa is pretty easy in a Rambomatch
i have a screenie but i get an error when i try to attach[:-weepn]

May 24, 2003, 5:13 pm
There is no multikillx5 lol it goes up to 4 then mastakilla I myself have only gotten mastakilla once long time ago in the server [gnet]hell.zr.LOl whoever said something about multikill x5 is a liar lol

May 24, 2003, 5:16 pm
Hey night abbage what mod is that your using there?Looks cool

May 24, 2003, 8:24 pm
i hit master killer recently... : )

May 25, 2003, 2:22 am

yay!!!!! :)



Not really a good pic of it tho...
Looks heaps better in the game...

It called Cabbage11

and from the name you can guess that I made it... lol

Above: A slightly better pic of the interface

Get Cabbage11 here:

Oh, and you don't need to have registered to use it... Just copy the files over the top of your old ones (there's a readme)


May 25, 2003, 3:49 pm
Thanks this mod is gonna be great.This might be the best one yet to me.^^

PS:I have winrar no need lol

May 25, 2003, 9:09 pm
quote:Originally posted by Retribution
whoever said something about multikill x5 is a liar lol

quote:Originally posted by Evillaugh
I hit MultiKiller X5 today, It was good.

Ooooh Evillaugh your immorality astounds me :P

May 26, 2003, 12:51 am
I dont get it sauron

May 26, 2003, 7:16 pm
Umm err, I was bored.. so I made a little map where all red bots spawn into this gap.

This doesn't show my skill, but I just wanted to past this screenie..


You Are Retards
May 26, 2003, 9:53 pm
how can you not gait a masta killa? its simple man. Just kill everyhting that moves. Ive done hundreds. I think we all did.

May 27, 2003, 9:40 pm
lol nice map boosta lol

May 28, 2003, 3:30 pm
i've made one masta. I was boored and my internet is too slow so i played some bots. m79 only. kinda fun, for a brief time...

might not count though

May 28, 2003, 5:34 pm
quote:Originally posted by Retribution
lol nice map boosta lol

This map was for Masta Killa!!! purposes ONLY. So don't complain about its design..

If you think I'm bad at mapping look at a map I made some time ago:

May 29, 2003, 11:05 am
b00 - that's actually a very nice little map :)

And no, I don't mean the masta killa map :P

The cool one you just gave a forum link to.

You should send it to TeamEvo so he can put it in a map pack for his server


Count Newbula
May 30, 2003, 3:34 am
and here i was thinking masta killa was the worst member of wu-tang.
silly me!

June 4, 2003, 9:19 pm
ive tried this out... i knocked 7 bots on stupid and i got just mastakilla... but i dont know:S

June 5, 2003, 1:47 am
i only get till multi killer X i dont remember 4 or 5 or 6 ........
masta killa......bleh

July 1, 2003, 5:00 pm
demonic killer is the highest...

July 17, 2003, 7:18 pm
Liar, there's no such thing. I've gotten numerous masta killas against impossible bots (i always play deathmatches with 15 of 'em) and I've gotten a pair in CTFs against people.

July 17, 2003, 9:13 pm
who many kills is masta killer???

July 17, 2003, 11:51 pm
Update, I Got a 9 Kill streak (that would be like Masta Killer X4)
Go Me

July 18, 2003, 10:24 am
i tried out. made a map with just a plain and a stationary gun. believe me the highest ranis masta killer.

July 19, 2003, 6:50 am
the highest i have ever gotten was a masta killer x2

July 19, 2003, 7:28 am
Tweak there is no such thing as Masta Killa X2 there is Multi Kill X2 or do you mean you killed one more time after you got the first masta killa?

July 23, 2003, 6:01 am
Download Attachment: [IMAGE] masta-killa!!!.JPG37.25 KB

July 26, 2003, 11:42 am
masta killa is so [:-censored]in easy to get u just need to shoot

July 26, 2003, 11:52 am
i got question
6=multi x2(?)
12=multi x4(?)
it doesnt make sense the x numbers right? it only takes 8-10 kills to masta killa i think.

edit- stupid typos v_v

juice _ box
July 28, 2003, 9:10 am

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] screenshot82.jpg27.81 KB


Download Attachment: [IMAGE] screenshot83.jpg30.85 KB

how many soldat does it take to get to a masta kill??? 10

Leo Da Lunerfox
July 28, 2003, 9:20 am
they should make one with the following:

10 kills = Hero
15 kills = SuperHero

July 28, 2003, 9:22 am
quote:it only takes 8-10 kills to masta
i know how many kills you need to get to masta.
i was asking if the multi x making any sense...

Leo Da Lunerfox
July 28, 2003, 9:25 am
they should make one with the following:

10 kills = Hero
15 kills = SuperHero
20 kills = Unhuman
25 kills = Monster
30 kills = Terminator
35 kills = Max Payne
40 kills = Jedi Master
45 kills = Neo
50 kills = The next Grim Reaper

juice _ box
July 28, 2003, 9:51 am
0 kills = Newb

Leo Da Lunerfox
July 29, 2003, 1:02 am
-5 kills = Mildly retarded
-10 kills = Sadly retarded
-15 kills = A Monkey is better then you
-20 kills = Never set foot in soldat again

July 31, 2003, 2:17 pm
i did a masta kill too.. ;x with players

August 1, 2003, 12:27 am
i.... dislike bots ;)

August 22, 2003, 2:35 pm
wow... ill be the next grimreaper every day:P

there isnt anything higher then masta killa...

6=masta killa

its one new per kill easily enough

August 22, 2003, 4:38 pm
Masta Killa is easy with stationary guns!!


August 22, 2003, 8:16 pm
espeically when yer 17 ppl :D

September 1, 2003, 7:06 pm
Duh, its not even a challenge!

September 3, 2003, 10:08 pm
i thought i remembered a multi times 8 but i could be just crazy (most likely answer :D) Another thing i have had as many as 4 masta kills in one game cause of the all mighty chainsaw i used it to spawn kil in infiltration where they would all spawn right in front of me mauhahahah i also have had 2 on dnagames and some on other servers with the minigun and beserk >:D

mwahhahaha lol i love beserk mode :D

September 3, 2003, 10:15 pm
mmmmm... berzerk with minime or steyr...mmmmmmmm....

September 7, 2003, 4:29 pm
Huh? Its really easy..

September 7, 2003, 9:34 pm
yeah i know... thats the point*

September 7, 2003, 10:46 pm
most i ever got was multi-kill :(

September 8, 2003, 1:43 am
ok don't dbl post pls as for the masta kill i got it 2 times, here is a pic of one, i don't know why is so blurry, you get the idea though =)
nades and flame god are teh 1337

September 8, 2003, 7:12 am
flamegod is pretty useless on CTF i think... i recommend a spas or a steyr

Mr G
September 9, 2003, 3:57 am
How do you people have easy masta killas?
i've never had one(in a real match) i am still in multi-killx4
maybe is because i use m79?
and there are many time where i go berserk and switch to socom, but as i told ya, multikillx4 max[xx(]

September 10, 2003, 11:22 pm
Ive had many masta killas with my AK-47...ahh the luv of my soldat life[^]

September 19, 2003, 8:46 pm
Most Masta Killas are due to bonuses. If you can hack apart an enemy team with knife and Predator, you get it. If you are holding an automatic and get a Beserk, you get it. If you get Flamegod and are surrounded by enemies, you get it. I've got it all three ways, I think.

September 30, 2003, 6:38 pm
I think I got a masta without any bonuses (but it was, while throwing grenades down at about 15 players on an open map:]) and I some mastas were scored on realistic, where desert kills wityh one shot (why can't I find anymore such servers[:(])

October 1, 2003, 2:54 am
Hm...It all sounds like bunch of BULL[:-censored]!!!!! to me. I only believe those with pics...And 43,000 points? Heh, get a life! Thanks for the MOD NC :)

And for those of you who are confused, it goes like this!


4-Multi x 2
5-Multi x 3
6-Multi x 4

Thats as high as I've gone. And I DON'T throw grnades like crazy and shoot anywhere on the map. All i go for is the flag and to be honest, thats ALL THAT FRICKIN MATTERS!!!!!!!

October 3, 2003, 9:18 pm
okej, don't believe if you don't want to. (in a matter of explaining, I got "only" one masta in a multi game, the rest was with bots, which usually travel in tight groups, so it becomes easier).

I geuss I'll just go to the polish forum, nicer atmosphere