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any one want Camping Carl to join the 1.05version
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June 16, 2003, 10:26 am
Im thinking of going back to it..

September 8, 2003, 10:48 pm
sorry for what i said before... i had no idea that damn guy faked 1.0... it was 1.0.5b but ive tried now and 1.0.5b is fun:D

Joy Division
September 9, 2003, 12:15 am
Is this a miserable attempt to post in another topic than 'bash pit' ?

If you want to join, JOIN. If you don't want to join, DON'T JOIN.

I hope you will remember at least one time in your life, that the world is not waiting for you.

Moderators, do your work, lock this. Otherwise the next topic will be 'Camping Carl feels hungry, but what shall I eat tonight?"

September 9, 2003, 3:54 am
man.... your a idiot this topic was about to the bottom and you guys made it come back i posted this june 16 ffs

September 9, 2003, 7:12 pm
thank me[^]

i really dunno why anyone care about it loong time ago

January 7, 2004, 8:11 pm
hmmmm somebody should make an working online version of 1.05b man
that would be cool bring back the simple days :) i miss them

January 7, 2004, 8:43 pm
This Topic was almost three months old, why bring it back? The request for a 1.05 lobby has already been under discussion in this Topic for quite some time: http://archive.forums.soldat.pl/topic.php?topic_id=2750

January 7, 2004, 8:51 pm
AL3X1C0N stop bringing old threads back!!

January 7, 2004, 8:52 pm
lol oowkey why not man??? i like these topics :)

January 7, 2004, 9:08 pm
Hmmmm, let me think.... CAUSE MOST OF THEM ARE OVER 3 MONTHS OLD!!!!!

January 8, 2004, 6:48 am
LOL CC you fukin rule!!!!!

didnt u notice when this topic was made