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unreal tournament mod
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July 2, 2003, 4:40 pm
Unreal tournament mod V1.0.

-changed weapons Gfx,sounds and reload sounds.

-changed explosions and green blood.

-new interface

download HERE

July 4, 2003, 2:11 am
GREAT MOD! Although, I'd have to say, the new explosion is a little bit to "static" for my taste :S

July 4, 2003, 2:15 am
another incredible mod by SERIAL KILLeR

can i get a hip hip hooray?!

keep it up d00d, i used to play ur CS mod
now i play this one
anything serial killer is good enough for me

keep it up, mabye a max payne mod??! *hint hint* thats my favourite game of all time,


July 4, 2003, 3:32 pm
yes, if you creat a back up folder...

July 8, 2003, 1:46 pm
kkkman: it seems like there is no barret replacement for weapon-gfx. only for interface-gfx.

August 6, 2003, 2:16 am
Just reinstall soldat