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Throwing stars!/Ninja Stars!/Shurikens!
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July 20, 2003, 10:23 pm
Whatever you want to call them! These are a replacement for the combat knives. It has a bug on it, where if you look one way, the soldier holds it different than he does if you lok the other way, I'll try to fix this. (NOTE: My first mod for soldat, please don't bash me too bad if it's not too good [B)] )

Here are some screens, the red I drew on it shows where you can see the different views of it:


Download Attachment: [IMAGE] screenshot1.jpg50.94 KB

(Updated)In the air:

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] screenshot2.jpg37.07 KB

(Updated)And heres the .zip:

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] Shuriken.zip1.26 KB

The knife.bmp just by itself is the interface file, which goes in your soldat/interface-gfx/guns folder.

The knife.bmp and knife2.bmp files in the weapons folder go in your soldat/weapons-gfx folder. And don't forget to edit your weaponnames txt file so it doesn't say "Combat Knife" [:D]

I'm going to keep working on it and modify it if needed, and I'll try to get a few better screenshots.