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August 11, 2003, 1:41 pm
This forum are for two things.

1. Bots
Post your bots here. First the thread make the name of the bots. (Group names or if there is only one bot the name of that bot.).Inside the post add the

name of the bots (If they are in group), little info about the bots and the bots files (In zipped format only).

For zombie bots write the same but in the thread write like this The bot name and add (Zombie) with the ( ).
If there are another speices of the bots write also like the zombie bots but instead of the zombie add the spieces of the bots.

2. Waypoints
If you want your map to be waypointed just add the name of map and the link of the map file.
Then wait for your map to be waypointed.

3. Other post that has nothing with this forum
Will be deleted or moved.

4. Important threads
Will be sticke