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Wud u prefer different music on soldat?
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August 21, 2003, 9:09 pm
well people i have been scanning the forums and all ive been reading (about the music on soldat) is how it is sooo great and really approprtiate....[:(!] personally i think it sucks ass!!! I wud much rather have some gangsta beats banging in the bacground thatn the punky head banging nose bleeding crap thats on at the moment... i mean even the names of the songs/tracks themselves put me off.... this is just my opinion.. what do yall think..?[:P]

August 21, 2003, 9:15 pm
Ow, I like the music in soldat very much, especially necromancide.
But it's true, the 3 songs are about the same genre/style, so there could be added (and probably removed older ones cause the download must be <10 MB) some 'exotic' styles ;)

August 21, 2003, 9:16 pm
y not just open up a song player thing and turn off soldat music

August 21, 2003, 9:22 pm
I would prefer some intense orchestral movements.

August 21, 2003, 9:35 pm
Why dont u guys just register and use the built in Mp3 player ever thought of that

August 21, 2003, 9:37 pm
Some times I Listen 2 the In game music.. Other times I listen 2 Mp3 In background :P Is the Soldat Mp3 player any good ?!

Tha Doggfather
August 21, 2003, 9:49 pm
its simple and effective Noddy, the only downside is the lack of a volume button/switch or whatever

August 21, 2003, 10:52 pm
oki :D I have Registerd But not trieed it yet.. Thx :D

August 22, 2003, 5:30 am
i dont listen to music while i play, i like listening to my victums fall in pain [:-mischievous]

August 22, 2003, 1:59 pm
i do... winamp... mp3 player is wack, cant controll volume....>.< music keeps me relaxed and that helps me 2 play ^_^

GroupX !! download mp3s, NOW

August 22, 2003, 2:35 pm
Music is boring, when u play 10 hours, i sometimes turn it off and switch to radio.... Maybe we could write soundtracks ourselves... And express whatever we want... And then make a competition... And celebrate it with .... ah, most are under 21... Sorry, just make a master-class.

Rastamanbl vseh stran - ob'edinjaites!!!

August 22, 2003, 2:58 pm
i like swedish rap! umm, artist is Organism 12..

August 22, 2003, 3:09 pm
hmm...maybe off-topic, but how can you run winamp while playing soldat in full screen mode?
I always got an error-message when i start soldat and winamp is playing.

August 22, 2003, 3:51 pm
I want some high-energetric Trance

Hercule Poirot
August 22, 2003, 4:05 pm
Trance Trance Trance!!! :)

August 22, 2003, 4:46 pm
Well, I usually turn off the computer speakers and use a cd player or another thing to play music. I usually listen Metallica, Mike Oldfield, Mago de Oz, Extremoduro, The Offspring, ...

And sometimes I only listen the FX sound (steps, shots, ...)

August 24, 2003, 4:48 am
quote:Originally posted by Cr4cK
i like swedish rap!

yeha all i kow about the registering and the running of winamp etc in the background, what i am asking is how many of yall like those songs that are already built into soldat? wud u prefer a new range when the next version coms out???

August 24, 2003, 1:09 pm
get your ass up, make some music, convert to mp3, register, get happy.
if you don't want to do so, shut up

August 28, 2003, 8:11 am
lol @ you carsten ....u dumass if u had actually read the previous posts u wudnt act like such a [:-censored] head and make a dam fool of yourself! i said would u prefer a different selection of songs that are already built into soldat...

and on the conclusion of this post i wud like to add again that u are infact a dumass

August 28, 2003, 9:01 am
I don't care about Soldat's music, I turn all the sounds off, and open Winamp... And listen some VERY good music while I'm playing... It makes the adrenaline rush in your veins :P

Deleted User
August 28, 2003, 12:57 pm
well whatever but yah i think we need some more music in there definitly....and i've heaard around that ppl want a program to covert the 3 soldat music files to mps or wav, i have it.
email me at speedyjoe2@cox.net if u want it

August 28, 2003, 4:36 pm
Yeah, it's called Modplug Tracker, don't bother emailing him, just google it.

August 29, 2003, 8:19 am
i usually listen to nirvana, black sabbath, lynard skynard, pink floyd, u2, foo fighters, hot hot heat, cradle of filth........ do i have to go on?

that fuking sniper
August 29, 2003, 9:05 am
Music that fits Soldat in my opinion is metal, good bands would be: Metallica, Iron Maiden (especially the song Killers), Therion, Rage Against the Machine, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and all these hard-knock rock bands...

August 29, 2003, 11:40 am
You need something to get you into a trance.....like paul van dyk feat. ATB : Rave me :)

Deleted User
August 29, 2003, 1:20 pm
I want Techno in Soldat!!! or Gabber, or whatewer had a nice kickin' beat