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my small but sorta good mod
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November 11, 2002, 6:09 pm

try this mod its for the weapons and cursor and.... stuff
Download Attachment: [IMAGE] soldatmod.zip2.02 KB

November 11, 2002, 7:18 pm
hmm , small yes
November 12, 2002, 3:48 am
yes it is small but my mod that I am working on is 5.67 megs I changed everything I could

November 12, 2002, 6:55 am
is that the Halo mod
November 12, 2002, 11:15 pm
yes It is the HALO one it is so hard to change everything I already finished making them look like guys from halo

November 13, 2002, 6:37 am
it feels like your mod is going to kill my SCS mod. But fear the secret mod! ;)
November 14, 2002, 12:26 am
ok I downloaded your mod and I think it overwrote my beta HALO stuff on there do you know how to take your mod off?

November 14, 2002, 12:29 am
i have faith in YOU MAN!

November 14, 2002, 2:11 am
hmmm...cant wait to see this mod...hope it turns out good...best of luck.

November 14, 2002, 3:01 pm
take my mod off? dl soldat over it
November 14, 2002, 4:12 pm

November 14, 2002, 6:46 pm
I hope it turns up great because I love Halo , its almost near HL in l33tness

November 17, 2002, 1:33 am
i m gotta try get the game Halo.....

November 19, 2002, 8:49 pm
gl geting it on pc. wait 1year or be unlegal. And I guess Halo2(looks a bit better then halo) will come to xbox before halo comes to PC

November 19, 2002, 9:04 pm
thats sure ,those damn consoles going to take over all game sector

November 19, 2002, 9:06 pm
me dont like xbox...

November 20, 2002, 5:32 pm
why is that high?

November 20, 2002, 9:36 pm
MrKhan: because the games are expensive..i like PS better...cuz you can burn with people...hehe

November 20, 2002, 10:53 pm
lol. so what? they are way better games then PS games will ever be

November 21, 2002, 1:03 am
tru..tru...i guess you are kinda right...but i will still stay with PS

November 22, 2002, 12:30 pm
look at some games in PS ex tekken and tell me honest if its nice grafic. But then again , xbox and the games cost alot but 10PSgames last as long as Halo

November 22, 2002, 9:14 pm
MrKhan: ya the graphics is not that good on PS...but ow well...me poor man...cheaper the games the better...:)