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September 3, 2003, 1:44 pm
Hiya ^^

Well, lately a lot of people have been getting Access Violation errors.

So, this is here an attempt to stop people from posting 10 million topics about them ;)

Steps to solve access violation problems:
1. Never cheat, or attempt to cheat - it's the most common cause for this problem
2. Uninstall soldat
3. Delete the Soldat folder
4. Install soldat 1.1.5 + fix
5a. For Windows NT/2000/XP: Delete the file cmodule.dll in the 'windows\system32' folder
5b. For Windows 95/98/ME: Delete the file cmodule.dll in the 'windows\system' folder
6. Delete the file dxlog.chk in the 'windows' folder

If that does not solve your problem, then please check for other threads with the same problem before posting (there WILL be some).

Make sure you have installed Soldat 1.1.5 and the fix, these can be located here:

Also, make sure you have changed the lobby server address (it changed from what is in the 1.1.5 install).
To change it, follow these steps:

Go to the folder where Soldat is installed
Open the file 'lobby_servers.txt'
Delete what's in it (which will be '' from a fresh install)
Put this in it's place:

Occasionally the lobby server goes down. It happens ;)
So, does this mean that you can't play Soldat while it's down??


You can grab a handy dandy little program called The All-Seeing Eye (ASE), by Udpsoft.

In fact, many people use it instead of the lobby server even when it's running! Me being one of them ;)


NOTE: Even when the trial period has run out, ASE will still function fine, but it will pop up with annoying little messages every now and then, but it will continue working indefinately (I've been using it for months now, without registering).

Here's a few things you should do when posting

First check to see if someone else has made a post about your problem.

You can use the search feature of this forum:

Or you can just browse the forum and look for anything that sounds related.

Use a descriptive subject title, so that others will be able to see what your thread is about.

It is a good idea to state some of the following information about your system to make things easier:

Operating System
Hardware Specifications (Video card, etc.)
Video drivers
Direct X version
And any programs running in the background