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The (Half-Assed) Adventures of Soldat Mod by LxS
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liquidis x snake
October 9, 2003, 4:36 am
Rofl. I decided to create a mod base off TAOS. It is so half-assed its not even funny. But yeah, its very basic, technically a reskin of everything. Theres a couple of bugs here and there that arent THAT noticeable. Eh, I'm not really a modder. This was for fun. And sorta like a novelty.

I only spent an hour on this piece of crap so yeah... don't expect anything sextacular!

Note: I HIGHLY suggest you back-up your texture files before installing this mod because it REPLACES YOUR TEXTURES. EVERY SINGLE ONE. So yes, beware. Back it up for the good of the nation.

Oh, and also for MAXIMUM-TAOS-NESS, set all your colors to white. preferably. Hair is the only exception if you wanna stay true to TAOS. Heh.





Download Attachment: [IMAGE] TAOS Mod.zip128.24 KB

liquidis x snake
October 11, 2003, 4:34 am
yes... 105b... yesssss....

s3x for whoever uses this mod. ;-)