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The Curse of the Second Round Chokes...
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October 18, 2003, 4:50 am
So, it was a Thursday night. I had just finished studying for my college biology exam (I DO NOT recommend college classes to 10th graders like me...who don't try or care...), and I decided to play a quick round of Soldat before delving into the depths of sleep.

I got on one of those lame corporate CTF servers run by some business on a T3, and said, "hey, why don't i humor everyone with my eerily crappy barret skills!"...and so I did. I grabbed the gun on b2b on blue team, and stood still and shot straight up the field without aiming.


One down...I laughed a bit, and started running downfield. I saw "ubern00b" coming at me, so I shot.


As I neared the top of the first hill, I was approached by two fellows from the Alpha family. They seemed to be angry, and were shooting at me...so I shot back, not really aiming...

WHAMMY! OFF WITH HIS HEAD...ohhh...that wasn't his head...

I flew up, and knocked off the other guy on the next shot. I still had 6 more bullets.

I drove in, got health, and flew up towards the red flag carrier (the guy with the blue flag). I shot wildly, and killed his teammate instead. The second time, I shot and killed another teammate! On the third shot, I hit him. I was going after the flag, but I knew the commie...erm, the red guy would beat me there. So I took aim, killed him, returned the flag, and awaited the red flag's return after our score. It came, and I grabbed the flag and then health.

I picked up two kills with the last two bullets of that fateful round. I knew my luck was done at that time, though, because as soon as my gun reloaded---


I died...

I got my barret back, and tried again...and I never hit another shot before I left...

The curse still haunts me...

October 18, 2003, 5:12 am
Nice shooting. You where so lucky that night. I think it was probably the college biology exam that made you nerves, and made you kill evreyone just becouse you where nerveus :) hehehehe

October 18, 2003, 5:44 am
my normal explanation for those situations is that im HIGH
so when that stuff happens to me, is cuz im HIGH....
sounds like u got real luck out there tho :)

October 19, 2003, 2:37 am
lol, good moment enjoy :)