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blood-ier patch (updated with bloody weather!!!)
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October 20, 2003, 1:52 am
i know theres already a blood patch and i know this is un-original but id like to release this since the blood patch wasnt all that gory and you know.... so i wipped up this patch in less than 2 hours this mod is for the lazy thats too lazy to change the blood
anyways this has a more brighter blood and more blood than the other one and im not trying to insult the original creator

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] splatter.JPG24.4 KB;;;;;;;
GOOD GOD ive been getting good comments but i heard someone wanted a bloody weather with squishy effects (i couldnt find good sounds though so i made the water stepping sounds a tad higher) enjoy!.

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] bloodv2.zip8.82 KB