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kleinheero - Banned
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October 26, 2003, 11:52 am
Posted to the general forum. LInk has been deleted.


I've never done anything for the Soldat community that meant risking something for me, so here it is.
In continuation of one of my old threads, I present to the Soldat community and God (Michal, this one's really for you) a site so absurd, so diminishing to our society! Maybe not that bad...[:D]

The link:

It infuriates me and yet it relieves me of pain from quesitons like, "How did he do that?" in ctf_b2b.[}:)]

I won't tell you what the site is, the url pretty much blabbers it out. Someone tipped this off to me.

Please everyone! DO NOT mention my name when speaking of this! I don't want any mad guy come to me and [xx(]!!!

Your Welcome Soldat World!

P.S. [:-censored]