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M24 SOCOM mod.
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November 16, 2003, 7:05 pm
Hey hey hey, everybody. It's time for me to show off my first l337 mod.
The mod i have selected to present you, the public, is my first gun conversion mod. And the subject for this mod is the Barrett, which i have converted into an M24 SOCOM. the reason i did this mod is because i found it stupid to have a semiautomatic sniper-rifle in this game which fires as slow as it does....
Anyways! The link is: http://upl.mine.nu/uplfolders/upload1/M24_SOCOM_mod.zip so get downloading right away!
In the file, you will find the model itself, the weapons menu picture, reload and fire-sounds, and a picture showing the whole thing off, so dont worry about any loose ends. Oh and i forgot, a shine new tracer effect, with RED tail!

8.bmp goes into /Interface-gfx/Guns

Barretm82/-2.bmp goes into /Weapon-gfx

Sounds go into /sfx


Copyright issues; Do anything you want with the mod, except call it your own. It's someone else's work, remember that and respect it.

November 17, 2003, 5:01 am
Looks great :)