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Halo Mod Almost Done!!! Screen shot inside
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December 10, 2003, 3:42 am
well it was supposed to be released today but vernons frickin computer is messed to hell...so i figured id give yall a screen shot


you cant see everything from this but 0.5 will be out in the next day at www.teampheonix.tk

Da cHeeSeMaN
December 10, 2003, 8:10 am
looks cool, ill mix it into my zalready mixed up mod's....:D does it have good sounds though? and did u make an halo interface?

December 10, 2003, 8:58 am
Make the Minigun and Steyr to Assault Rifles, and AK-74 to a Plasma Rifle. Turn Grenade Launcher into Plasma Grenades.

December 10, 2003, 11:21 am
niceeee! :D

December 14, 2003, 12:52 am
:( i cant see the screenshot rawrrrrrrr

December 14, 2003, 1:40 am
^what he said

Da cHeeSeMaN
December 14, 2003, 8:46 am
i dont see it at the pheonix website so could u just relaese it here?

December 14, 2003, 6:38 pm
wtf is wrong with the pictures? i never can see any of them...!

Happy Camper
December 15, 2003, 8:21 pm
can't see to :(

December 16, 2003, 2:55 am
cant see either 8(

December 16, 2003, 3:04 am
I saw the ss before, it looked cool. Wher'd it go? Also, is this based off pc halo or xbox halo - will the flamer be the flamer from pc halo, and the M79 could be the fuel rod gun (if it isn't already)

December 16, 2003, 3:57 pm
That doesnt look so good... Most of the pictures are take off a screen shot or something. Elite sword and that other thing look good though.

December 18, 2003, 6:37 pm
i dunno whats wrong wit ss but i think im gonna go to vernons house today or somethin so he can put it on the site...thanks for the comments

V13T B01
March 31, 2004, 7:06 am
huh. ss won't come up! mebbe it was bmp? N e wayz, i wanna DL! even tho i can't see it =P

March 31, 2004, 2:03 pm
I hope this mod is good ^ ^

I'm a halo fan.

March 31, 2004, 7:03 pm
lol...old thread, and the screen still aint up....grrrrrreat!

April 1, 2004, 1:36 pm
I was thinking of makiing a halo mod long before this, but i can't even find the sounds... Awell.

April 2, 2004, 2:19 pm
When is the Halo mod coming out I want to get it but it hasn't been put up for download yet! Well I guess that my main question is WHEN IS THE HALO MOD COMING OUT?

April 4, 2004, 4:12 am
lol, yea, i have a 0.5 version complete. but im just taking it slow. i have a life ya know. :D

April 4, 2004, 4:50 am
suuuurrrree you do ;D

April 4, 2004, 7:07 am
you got to tell us when its ready alright, halo fans cant wait [:P]

April 4, 2004, 3:28 pm
If i can get the sounds for halo, mebbe i could win teh race ;)

April 4, 2004, 6:08 pm
lol R6. i had to crash my computer but i think i still have the0.5 version. ill post it if i can find it. im sure its on a disk somewhere around here

April 4, 2004, 11:41 pm
Ah, great.

Maybe we could collaberate our mods? [;)]

MaStEr ChIeF
April 6, 2004, 1:27 am
when u find it send 2 me plz[}}:-|>>]

April 6, 2004, 1:05 pm
How about you come here and d/l it? [;)]

MaStEr ChIeF
April 7, 2004, 3:49 am

MaStEr ChIeF
April 7, 2004, 3:51 am
when is he gonna post it...[:-jump]

April 7, 2004, 3:55 am
come here sticky with ur massive noob flameing sheet :P use the EDIT BUTTON u double poster

April 10, 2004, 2:40 pm
Ok, Mike and I are combining our skills to create the best mod ever. 2 versions of it will come out, one that i decided on, and one that Mike decided on.

If any people can find the halo gun sounds, contact me on msn/email me at ratman_6@hotmail.com

Much appreciated.