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Special Force 2.0 Released! Download NOW!
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December 23, 2003, 12:35 pm
Its finaly released!
Special Force 2.0
A mod by www.real-studios.tk .
MERRY X-MAS Everyone!
Download it from here:
http://hem.passagen.se/rasse2002/SF2.0Files.zip (updated now shall work on "mod changer")

(if Meandor could help me and put sf2.0 on turrino.it it would be great)=)

The release list:
-AWM is now a H&K PSG-1
-Most weapons are reskined and shadowed
-M-16 A1 is now a M-16 A2
-Uzi replaced with H&K MP5 A5
-Modell 101 replaced with M14
-Complete new interface
-The bullets are more visible now (still yellow)
-The Sprite is changed to more realistic fire
-Working intro Logo
-64 new scenerys!!! for fun map making
-Alot of changed sfxs
-Camo clothes (hard to see but its there)

Dont forget to visit www.real-studios.tk

December 23, 2003, 12:41 pm
argh....[:-censored]...! popups, porn downloads, make it stop..!

-edit- my mistake. Helps if you right click on it, then click 'save as'.

-another edit- ....wow....

This mod gives the game that sparkly feeling you got when you first played soldat, foreign to all weapons yet slowly recognising their power and noises. I especially like the noise for the socom [:D]

December 23, 2003, 1:47 pm
thanks, happy u liked it :)

December 23, 2003, 1:55 pm
Nice dude. Keep up the good work, and GOD JÄVLA JUL! =) (Good [:-censored]ing X-Mas) ;)

December 23, 2003, 2:24 pm
the link doesnt work nemore[:(]

December 23, 2003, 2:29 pm
This ownzors, gj zero, best christmas present ever.

btw, best gun sounds would havta now be Minimi, Minigun and Spas, ROXXOR

December 23, 2003, 2:56 pm
I LOVE IT you only have on prob u named your sniper rifle awm but it is an psg-1 change it ;)!!! and blade the best chrustmas present would be that soldat 1.2 would come out :p[:-skull]

December 23, 2003, 3:02 pm
ok good then i know something to be changed in the upcoming patch.

December 23, 2003, 3:17 pm
can you please make it .zip?

and the fist looks sick!

December 23, 2003, 5:02 pm
change the dual ruger and silver barreta to they look the same (duh) but they also look to much like the Desert Eagle's.
and try to make silver bullets and stuff like that for the rest it's super.
wait till serialkiller finishes H&k mod id di my stuff there now it's his turn!!!

December 23, 2003, 7:39 pm
ZERO! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 25mb!? Lol people thats right his mod was at first 25mb, but i can see this is a "small version" =D

December 23, 2003, 7:51 pm
ooooooo addicting Shotgun sound :D very nice zero this is way better then the beta u sent me last week good job ;P

December 23, 2003, 8:08 pm
That mod.. is so... awesome.....

December 23, 2003, 8:27 pm
By the way ...that screenshot...what map was that taken on?

December 23, 2003, 9:56 pm
A map he is making

December 23, 2003, 11:41 pm
cool mod zero :D
ill probably be using it now ^_^

December 24, 2003, 4:30 am
Omfg, bixx-ass mod. *uses* Merry Christmas.

December 24, 2003, 1:08 pm
thanks everybody :) the map is one of those two that couldent follow because i made a little mistake.

juice _ box
December 24, 2003, 1:10 pm
Eh its ok. you made a big deal over nothing.
/reinstalls soldat.

December 24, 2003, 1:17 pm
*pzzzt* no merry christmas to you!
still i dident make a big deal of it.

juice _ box
December 24, 2003, 1:54 pm

December 24, 2003, 6:28 pm
well that one is old...you even wanted to marry me there..ha.

juice _ box
December 25, 2003, 5:09 am
Well, I'll put it this way. I wasn't impressed in game by it. Weapon graphics were dull (needed more detail) Gostek wasn't changed or you didn't change it much. If you need help with it Abortion made a nice little guide.


If you want better texture with gostek use darker colors.

December 25, 2003, 8:14 pm
Juice_box- You should get that mod changer program.. it came in really handy for me.

This mod is excellent. The thing that I found the coolest was the "pling" sound you hear when you take your knife out..I especially liked how you made it curve the other way round. Oh and the minigun is also a lot better..It actually makes you feel as though you're using a "normal weapon".

I would have kept this, but I can't join servers cos of the weapon graphics.. *sigh*

December 25, 2003, 10:05 pm
Nice mod zero.

LiL_FuKa:U can play with this mod online but then u would have to install the soldat v1.1.5 fix.

December 25, 2003, 11:56 pm
hey zero your mod is great and all, but can u make the mp5 a uzi again with different sounds? coz i loved it back when it was a uzi ^_^

December 26, 2003, 12:54 am

December 28, 2003, 4:13 am
ok good good keep it coming keep it coming...
Just so you ppl know that my next project will be some kinda "the matrix".
When i begin with it i dont know yet.

December 29, 2003, 12:40 am
I miss the Uzi, but that's a nice mp5. Gj.

December 29, 2003, 1:45 pm
zero we need to talk i need your premision to remake your interface and intro and to post it in this forum (i already added it but not posted it cause it is now only for my clan)

December 30, 2003, 2:24 am
quote:Originally posted by sativa
zero we need to talk i need your premision to remake your interface and intro and to post it in this forum (i already added it but not posted it cause it is now only for my clan)

yea, sure u can use it.
have fun ;)

January 2, 2004, 1:10 am

January 26, 2004, 11:10 pm
This is my favorite mod.

January 26, 2004, 11:35 pm
What happened to the m74?

January 26, 2004, 11:58 pm
If the weapon graphics are 'too big' to use online, it means that one or more files in 'weapon-gfx' is OVER 1kb, thats ONE KILOBYTE. It has NOTHING to do with size in pixels.

ZeRo, that means you made your mod TOO detailed.

As for the mod, it's ok, you definitely have mod making skills, especially for MS Paint, but you want to know why I dislike both this mod and the Henchin mods?


I don't like the weird background you stick behind the guns....its just too much unlike the normal guns.

SERIAL KILLER: I've told you in a topic before. The fix didn't neccessarily fix it everytime. Everyone had the fix anyway. Wait, its 1.2 now! We don't have 1.1.5 anymore!