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New modder. Where to start?
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November 24, 2002, 12:22 am
Hi. Im new to the boards and im very interested in modding. I have already put up some of my reskins for the mp5 and colt. But im interested in making an actaul Total conversion for the player. But what are the more detailed things i should look into? Plz help. I know i sound like a total nub but i really hope to become a part of the community

November 24, 2002, 12:28 am
umm goto http://hosted.barrysworld.net/soldat/index.php

either get the vietnam mod or the desert siege mod.

there should be a txt file that tells you how to change how the guys body looks...

ummm i suggest redoing the soldat interface for starters...its fun/easy

November 24, 2002, 1:31 am
VENgE: start with the guns first...then after you finsih all of the gunz...work on the interface...if you finish that then you work on the skin...