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I would like to make a mod??
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June 14, 2004, 3:00 am
I kinda wanna make a mod for this game but have no idea were the codeing for game phisics are. I want to change like rate of fire and add and takeaway some aspects of the game. Anyone know were all this infomation for the game is? Thanks in advance!

June 14, 2004, 3:37 am
? read my post on the other topic. dont duplicate topics either.

June 14, 2004, 1:09 pm
At this moment u can only change the graphix, sounds and interface in soldat. and make maps.
But there will be an weapon editor in the next version.

June 14, 2004, 4:48 pm
you could go to poland and get into MM's house to steal his code... but otherwise... impossible (without illegal back-engineering) :)