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Soldat in Linux
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December 10, 2004, 1:01 pm
me and all my friends have been wanting Soldat in Linux for long time now...it is a fun game that should be enjoyed by all and linux is becoming more and more popular(for many reasons) i no longer use windows and would like to play soldat again. It has been put forward to transgaming to try and support in using cedega(winex4)but that always degrades that game in performance and graphics...so please think about it.

fact over 5% of people with a desktop computer use linux, 15% of people with a computer use apple, 70% of people dont know better and use windows...hehehe.

I have already posted this in game suggestions forum but i dont know where this actually belongs.

December 13, 2004, 7:07 pm
Soldat can be installed on Linux.I currently can play v1.21 ( latest ) on my Gentoo distro.

Easy instructions :
First, you need Wine and Cedega. I use wine20040914, and it works pretty well. You'll also need Cedega, the CVS version should do (although I haven't tried it) Third, you need Soldat, preferably version 1.2.0, as it has alot of nifty stuff that previous versions don't have. You can download Soldat at http://soldat.pl and Wine at http://winehq.org.
Cedega at:
and the free version of Cedega at:

2. Set up wine according to the howto in the "Wine(X)" section, you should compile it with OpenGL support. I'm not sure if Soldat needs it, but it's a good idea to. If you use the Cedega binaries, make sure those work. If you're using CVS, make sure that's all good. Now, setting up Soldat. First, extract the zip file and run the setup.exe program. Run the setup.exe program with Cedega. Not Wine, Cedega. It should run fine.

3. Next, once Soldat is installed, go to the place where you installed it and

wine Config.exe

You should get a menu with a few tabs and alot of options for various things. Tweak them as you see fit, but I would warn ATI chipsets against any high detail settings, as the drivers aren't... acceptable .

4. If you purchased the Soldat registration key (only $9 ;) ), then you can enable the registered features by typing
into a terminal then clicking file, import registry, then select the key. Then exit.

5. After all this, just do

wine Soldat.exe

And you should be playing!

Questions and answers
Q: The game is about 10-20 FPS for me! I have an ATI card and use the ATI drivers.
A: It's a problem with ATI's drivers. You're at the mercy of the driver developer, I'm afraid . In the meantime, try setting the detail settings low, keeping the number of bots to a minimum, and playing on the Storm map alot, since I've seen better FPS in there.

Q: The ingame text is gibberish!
A: It's like that for everyone, and I (or anyone else) have yet to discover a fix. At least the menu text isn't gibberish.

Q: I installed and ran Soldat, and it complains about original scenery modifying and tells me to reinstall the game!
A: Install the program with Cedega. Wien seems to have trouble decompressing the installer properly, and as such the files don't work.

Q: After playing the game in fullscreen, I can't switch back to my old resolution!
A: In your .wine/config file, find this line:
"XRandR" = "Y"
And change it to:
"XRandR" = "N"

Author: LavaDevil94

December 17, 2004, 2:01 am
I have wine, winex3 and cedega and i cant get it to run properly at all...the tabs disappear and i get around 1-2fps...and i have an Nvidia(as we know likes linux more than ati) 6800GT. When i finally get the game to start it just runs slower that a pigs ass in quicksand. I have tried it by having only one of each of the wines installed then all of them...same result(has an effect on other games i got).